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Are you a trainer or consultant and want to digitize your training to reach a wider audience? E-learning has many advantages! On the learner side, the training can be followed at its own pace and at any time. On the trainer side, once the training is in place, it is possible to train a much larger number of people than with face-to-face! If you want to get started in the design and promotion of a digital training offer, the rest of this article should be of great interest to you …


8 days to set up your online training project from A to Z…

???? Yes
you are a consultant, an expert in your field and wish to monetize
your expertise, launching an online training offer can be excellent
way to generate recurring and predictable income!

BUT … the process of creating this type of training is complex, and it’s hard to know where to start when you’re just getting started.

You need to structure your approach to be
effective, from the conception of your business idea to the creation of your
online training, including setting up your sales tunnel.

Good news !! Our training course “design and promotion of a digital training offer” offers you support in the essential steps of setting up and marketing an online training offer.

Result, are you operational at? %
for your project and save time (and therefore money).

4 modules for each of the stages of the implementation of its offer
online formation

The course consists of 4 modules of 2 days each.
These modules represent the main stages of your project.

Design a sustainable business idea : 2 days during
which you will validate and develop your business idea. You will have the
keys to create an effective business model, develop an activity aligned with
your values ​​and deploy this activity.

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full program of
this module

Create and distribute online training : During this module, you will learn how to create your online training, plan its dissemination and make it available easily with the appropriate tools. You will be able to define your training plan, choose its dissemination format, establish a back-planning and put your elearning offer online.

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full program of
this module

Create a sales tunnel to develop your business : Once your online training has been created, you must sell it! This module you
learn the techniques to create an efficient sales tunnel, optimize the
convert your products online and increase the price of the average basket of your
clients. At the end of the training, you will understand how a tunnel works
you will know how to find your first prospects and how
convert into customers.

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this module

Set up a training sales strategy in
: in this last module you will have the techniques to optimize
your online presence to sell your training, gain credibility
with your audience and retain your customers.

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this module

At the end of the route, you will have all the steps to
start your online training!

Your trainer: Morgane Février

18 years of experience in the digital world, Morgane is
consultant, coach, business mentor, entrepreneurial specialist and
Web marketing. Expert in digital strategies and in project management, she
created his first Weeshiz company (digital agency) in 2012. Author of the
MOB method dedicated to entrepreneurs in 2013, she hosted the podcast of
the entrepreneur every week since 2014. A fundamental point: place
the human being at the heart of the business. During her career, she had the opportunity
launch many online training courses, it will send you all
key skills needed to launch yours!

Who is our journey for trainers for?

Our training courses are aimed at an audience of experts and
consultants wishing to transmit their knowledge via an offer of
training. For a better follow-up of the course, it is preferable to have a
first idea of ​​training offer to develop.

Note that the 4 modules ” Design and promotion of a digital training offer “, Which we present to you in this article, can be supplemented by the course” Creation and development of a training activity »In 3 modules to create your organization and get started in face-to-face training (module 1: Create and reference your training organization, module 2: design and facilitate training effectively, module 3: promote and develop your training offer) .


“Design and promotion of an offer of
digital training ”(8 days):
2500 € HT (Reduced rates: 2250 € HT
for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, € 1,250 before tax for job seekers)

“Creation and development of an activity of
training ”(6 days):
2300 € HT (Reduced rates: 2000 € HT for
freelancers and entrepreneurs, € 1,250 before tax for job seekers)

1 module of your choice (2 days): 1300 € HT (Reduced rates: 1100 € HT for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, 700 € HT for the job seekers)


Our training can be supported as appropriate
through your OPCO, your company’s skills development plan,
or Pole Emploi.

They are referenced on DataDock (for OPCOs) and Kairos for the Pôle Emploi. We can help you if necessary to see more clearly for your training rights, contact us! You can also read our dossier “Financing vocational training”

Training site

All our training takes place at Parisaccording to
Paris 2 or Paris 11 sessions.

Next session dates for the “Design and promotion” course
of a digital training offer

October 28 to November 19, 2019 (Module 1: October 28-29, Module 2: November 4-5, Module 3
: November 14-15, Module 4: November 18-19)

January 9 to 31, 2020 (Module 1: January 9-10, Module 2: January 16-17, Module 3: January 23-24, Module 4: January 30-31)

March 19 to April 24, 2020 (Module 1: March 19-20, Module 2: March 26-27, Module 3:
April 2-3, Module 4: April 23-24)

If the course “Creation and development of a
training activity ”interests you in parallel, here are the sessions:

November 25 to December 5, 2019 (Module 1: November 25-26, Module 2: December 2-3, Module 3
: 4-5 December)

March 2 to 17, 2020 (Module 1: March 2-3, Module 2: March 9-10, Module 3: 16-17

May 18 to June 3, 2020 (Module 1: May 18-19, Module 2: May 25-26, Module 3: 2-3

Testimony: Linda Portalier

I followed two modules “Create and distribute online training” & “Create a sales tunnel to develop your business”.

This training was essential to launch my web activity.

I found the complete training, well structured. Of
many tools are available (course material and exercises,
examples, Facebook group, etc.) to facilitate learning and help implement
practice after the training.

I really liked the approach of the trainer Morgane
Efficient, dynamic & reassuring.

I will give a 10/10 to the training, I recommend

Before the training I did not know how to build a
online training, or go through a sales tunnel, which is necessary when
we want to get started in online training modules.

Thanks to this training, I leave with the plan of
training, a sales tunnel, a retro-planning, ideas and a new
know how.

I feel completely autonomous, reboosted and confident.

Thank you very much Morgane for this great training!

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