▷ 8 essential ways to find clients as a freelance -

Finding clients as a freelancer is not always easy when you don’t know where to look and especially when you don’t know how to go about it. Being a freelancer has become almost an obligatory step when you get started in entrepreneurship, either to raise capital or to have experience. In this article, I present 8 effective ways to succeed in your quest for freelance clients quickly and efficiently …


# 1. Find freelance clients with a website

A site is like an online showcase, accessible all the time and by everyone.

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This is why having a well-maintained website is important so that you can find freelance clients.

On your website, you can describe what you offer as services, present start-up services or simply to build an image with Internet users.

I strongly advise you to choose a service name, which relates to your field and which is easy to assimilate.

Your customers will have no trouble keeping you in mind and coming back to you whenever they want.

To make your site visible on the web, the best would be to optimize its natural referencing, by offering quality content that can benefit you on search engines.

Another very important point: remember to highlight your contact details, but also to have a module where your potential customers can leave you their email address that you will use to relaunch them.

# 2.Work for free for a start

The first thing to build when you start freelancing is your portfolio.

Your portfolio is essential to create a certain confidence and professionalism with your customers.

So think about doing free services for clients and give the best of yourself. Good will is felt!

Here are some tips for building your freelance portfolio:

  • Show only the best of his achievements;
  • Treat the first and last page;
  • Never show all of his achievements;
  • Build a portfolio by type of client;
  • Describe its process;
  • Create digital and paper support.

# 3. Build yourself online

To make yourself known on networks without necessarily spending money, or even very little, subscribe to the various networks that may exist and share quality and original content that will help you get noticed.

1. Be active on social networks

The first thing to do to gain visibility is first to be active on social networks, especially LinkedIn, where you will find quite interesting professional groups.

You will only have to join these groups where you will have the chance to interact with people who are interested in your activity and in particular your freelance services.

So be relevant in your interactions, and rotate your knowledge by giving reasons to prospects to become customers.

Of course, I took the example of LinkedIn because it happens to be the network that offers the most professional opportunities.

But don’t limit yourself to just one network. You can also head to Facebook or even Instagram, as long as you are certain of the presence of potential customers.

2.Create quality content

It is certainly a long-term job, but it is an almost compulsory passage to ensure maximum visibility.

The more content you create, the more likely you are to make yourself known.

So be sure to produce so-called “shareable” content that revolves around your business and that resonates with your name.

Rest assured that this is the most effective way to collect the most customers.

The content formats are diverse: blog articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, photos on Pinterest, etc.

Depending on your activity, you can diversify your content.

For example :

If you’re a designer, consider creating a YouTube channel, and share tutorials on how to get started in computer graphics by explaining the basics of the trade.

By doing so, you put your expertise into practice better than a simple portfolio exposed on your site.

If you are a teacher, offer your course in an original and interactive way.

It might be more interesting than offering classic lessons.

# 4. Register on freelance sites to find clients

As with any field of activity, there are platforms specially dedicated to freelancers.

Depending on your country, sign up for freelance sites. Offer your services at affordable prices and above all make sure you have a unique description and a different visual from other ads to stand out.

For most platforms, the algorithm ranks ads based on the number of positive reviews and returns.

Only, if you have not yet had the chance to show your know-how, it is possible to find yourself on the first page of the announcements, and this, by remaining connected and active on the platform for several hours every day.

By staying connected, you are fooling the algorithm which considers that you are in demand and therefore will put you ahead.

Of course, do not think that by staying 24 hours on the 7/7 platform, you will end up in the top 10.

# 5. Being in contact with other freelancers

Even if the competition is fierce in the freelance market and finding a job is relatively complicated, this does not prevent you from having the opportunity to make allies in the field.

Contrary to popular belief, knowing freelancers who offer the same service as you is an advantage.

Of course, this case does not run the streets, but it is not impossible to find freelancers who wish to collaborate on the same project. You can attract customers and then offer a single service that includes several services for the same customer.

To create your freelance network, you can either find them online through social networks, or during freelance meetings and fairs.

# 7. Find freelance clients with forums

You should have a list of different forums where you can find prospects for your area of ​​activity.

Once registered, make sure you are active, start discussions with members and do not hesitate to provide relevant advice, while presenting your skills and inserting the link of your site.

Here are some criteria to know when choosing your forums:

  • A forum that deals with your field of activity, where you will find your potential customers;
  • An always active forum, on which you will find fairly recent messages;
  • A forum with online visibility to be more likely to be spotted by customers;
  • A forum that allows the insertion of links in comments.

# 8. Collect customer feedback

Once you have completed a mission with one of your customers, do not forget to collect his opinion to post it on your site.

In this way, you are building a reputation.

These different means are all good to take into account if you are embarking on freelance, but do not forget that it will take effort and good will to obtain concrete results.

Always try to live up to your customers’ expectations, sometimes try to offer them an additional service, to advise them or even to follow them even after having accomplished the mission. This can strengthen the bond with them and they will naturally come back to you.

Remember this: a satisfied customer is a customer who talks about you!

# 9. Inform your knowledge

In order to optimize your chances of finding freelance clients, you can inform your acquaintances and relatives that you have embarked on the adventure of freelancing.

Start with your closest friends, then your colleagues and freelance friends too.

If someday they hear someone looking for a type of service that you offer yourself, they will be able to redirect it to you.

Do not forget to mention that you have a site and to give one of your contacts which they will then forward.

If you do not have motivated people around to help you, you can try to find salespeople who will look for customers for you and who will receive commission in return.

And you, how are you doing ? Feel free to comment on your tips for finding freelance clients. As for me, see you soon for a next article.