▷ 8 good reasons for publishers to use Web Notifications 2021 -

The income generated by online advertising is more attractive when you offer targeted advertising, and very often third-party cookies give you this possibility. On the other hand, this technology seems doomed to disappear by 2022 and you, publishers, fear the impact on your income. Rest assured, we’ve put together a list of 8 reasons to activate Web Push Notification as a source of audience monetization to counter changes in the advertising industry to come …

1. An innovative format

Web notifications are an innovative format that allows advertisers to communicate directly on the user’s device. Indeed, this technology is managed by the browser which displays a message directly on the user’s screen.

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So, this one only needs an internet connection and does not need to browse the web to be notified! By activating Web Push Notifications on your publisher site, you offer advertisers an innovative acquisition lever.

2. Generate passive income

In order to keep your site alive and generate income, you sell advertising space to brands. In some cases, you work with brands to tailor their ads to your placements and this, while cost effective, takes a considerable amount of time between canvassing, negotiations, technical integration, etc.

Activating Web Push Notifications on your site is done very quickly and in very few steps! In addition, once installed, you no longer need to intervene and you receive 50% of the turnover achieved.

You can estimate your income by clicking on this link: https://notifadz.com/fr/acquisition

3. Benefit from a portfolio of quality advertisers

In addition to working with renowned advertisers, you will be connected to programmatic! Working with several advertising partners based on an automated purchasing model and via a real-time auction system, you benefit from many quality advertisers deals and optimized income.

4. Reduce the number of ads on your site

Advertising space on publisher sites is essential. However, they generally deteriorate the user experience (UX). Indeed, we do not count less than 36% of French Internet users who use an Adblocker.

By activating Web Push Notifications, you have the possibility of generating additional passive income, because this format does not require a location on your site, or even that your Internet user is visiting your site. It’s up to you to take advantage of this source of additional income without damaging the experience of your readers.

5. A cookieless format

In 2022, browsers have indicated that they will delete third-party cookies. When we know that this technology allows you to make targeted advertising and, a fortiori, to increase your CPM … We understand the problems that this revolution will generate. It becomes more than necessary to evolve and adapt to the advertising world of tomorrow.

Web Push Notification is a cookieless solution, which means that it does not need third-party cookies to retarget a web audience! This technology will therefore bring you additional income, even when third-party cookies disappear.

6. A GDPR Ready AND efficient display format

A real innovation in the digital advertising sector, web push notification has established itself as the first display format where the prior collection of the Internet user is required. Thanks to personalized templates, we observe an average subscription rate of around 15%. This makes it possible to communicate with those who use an ad blocker (Adblock), or nearly 36% of French people, because the web push notification format is not blocked.

7. Send personalized messages to your readers

One of the good reasons to enable web push notifications on your publisher site is that this technology allows you to send personalized messages to your readers. Indeed, the contacts that you retrieve are made available to you and you can manage the sending of your notifications as you see fit! This allows you to keep your readers coming back and push them articles or content similar to what they have already seen in your home!

As a bonus, you can synchronize your RSS feeds with the technology of sending web notifications to automate the sending of your news to your subscribers.

8. Improve your natural referencing

SEO is based on many parameters. As publishers, your SEO is more than important because it helps provide you with the traffic that pays you through the advertising you sell. As we have just seen in the previous point, in addition to generating additional income, you have the possibility of sending notifications to your base!

Thanks to this, vou are able to improve a number of metrics that are important for your SEO and which will make you enter a virtuous circle! More information in this article.