▷ 8 steps to convince a site to publish your guest article to improve your SEO 2020 -
you ask how to convince a
site to publish a guest article written by you, with your link inside, to improve your SEO ?Already,
you do well to think about this possibility because it has advantages over
several shots. We present them to you in this article. We explain to you
also how to choose the sites on which to write a guest article, and how to proceed to take full advantage of
guest blogging.

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Publish your guest article on another site: the benefits for you and your SEO

To convince a site to publish a guest article, with your link to
the interior, is a beneficial approach for your ong>SEO. Indeed, having links from other quality sites (the
netlinking) is one of the major criteria for ranking the results of

the more inbound links you have, the more your site inspires confidence in
Google robots. But that’s not all, guest articles are also
excellent because they allow you to:

  • Improve your reputation: if quality sites publish your content, the trust they inspire in users automatically rubs off on you. In the long run, you will be seen as an expert in your field. Your brand image will therefore be greatly improved;
  • Increase your audience: when you are on other sites, you are talking to a new audience. This allows you to make yourself known and to increase your contact list. In clearer terms?

In clearer terms, you will be able to reach
people who had never heard of you before. Those in between
they who will be hooked by your content can then go to your
site and subscribe to your newsletter. And the most interesting thing about it is
that some of them will turn into loyal consumer customers
of your products.

The owner
of the site that agreed to publish your article is also beneficiary of
this strategy because it makes it fresh and free content. And knowing that
one of the biggest challenges in the regular publishing of fresh content
field of web marketing, it will have enough to feed its site and satisfy its
readers. So this is a win-win strategy that you can use in
following the steps below:

1st step: define your objective (s)

of to convince a site to publish a guest article to improve your SEO, it is important to define your
or your guest blogging goals. This preliminary work is
essential for the future, because it will define the blogs to which you
turn and your manner of formulating your request.

often the goals of this web marketing strategy revolve around
advantages presented previously:

  • Improve the image of your company, your brand, your products (goods or services);
  • Improve your positioning in organic results by increasing your inbound links;
  • Increase the traffic on your site and by extension the number of your subscribers;
  • Increase your audience on social networks;
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field;
  • Etc.

2nd step: select the most appropriate blogs

it all depends on the objective (s) you set for yourself during the first
step. For example, if you want to increase your traffic, you must
search for blogs that have a link with your topic and whose targeted traffic
is high.

against, if you simply want to improve your ranking by increasing
your backlinks, you will need to search for blogs related to your topic and which
have a good Domain Authority (DA).

To find these blogs, you have several tools at your disposal like Google. This search engine allows you to find sites that accept guest articles on topics that interest you. To do this, you just have to type a request like:

  • keyword + “become a contributor”;
  • keyword + “submit a guest article”;
  • keyword + “guest article”;
  • keyword + “become an editor”.

You can also
type the same requests on Twitter to see the latest guest articles
that were written in your field;

  • SEO tools: among the most used of them, you have Majestic SEO and SEMrush. They allow you to obtain, for each keyword that interests you, a list of sites that you can contact for an exchange of content. Plus, with these tools, you can have a full report on the sites that hook you;
  • Relational: if you publish content regularly and are present on social media, you will inevitably find other site owners who will offer to publish content on theirs.

Step 3: Get noticed by the blog owner, and gain their trust

You come
to find a site that fits your goals. Now before asking
to publish an article there with your link inside, you must do
notice positively and gain the owner’s trust.

get there, subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of each new
article. Read all the content that is posted on the blog for one to two
weeks, and comment on them regularly. But beware !

it’s not about making comments like “Well done, great
Article! “. Rather, it is to add value to the article on
a positive tone. Show off your expertise, but don’t be uncomfortable
owner of the site. This is how you will be pleasant to him while you are
positively pointing out by his readers and himself.

additional tip that works very well when you want to sit down
relationship with the owner of a site is to become his client, and
offer to testify if their product works for you.
You will have done him a great service, and he will feel psychologically
liable; which will be very useful when you ask
publish on its site a guest article (with your link) to improve your SEO.

Let’s go to 4e step!

Step 4: Link to his blog, and let him know

regularly blog content on your social networks to attract
the attention of the site owner. And above all, mention it every time
that you do. On Twitter for example, insert his username in
your tweet so he can be notified. But don’t stop there!

Also do
link to his site in one or two of the articles on your own blog. Then,
send him an email to let him know. You will see, it will be great

The objective
here is to build a real relationship of trust with the owner of the
site. But don’t expect to be the best friends in 48 hours.
Be patient ; and above all, be true. In other words ?

said, don’t make links to his site just to make it. Don’t post
the contents of his site on your social networks just to publish them. Make
links to its best content, the ones that will really help your
own audience. Publish, on your social networks, its best content, those
that are really going to be useful to your own audience.

then to the next phase.

Step 5: Allow him to publish a guest article (with his link) on your own blog

famous bloggers are contacted by dozens of people who want to
improve their SEO (SEO
natural) and try to to convince to publish a guest article. For
stand out and attract the attention of the one you are interested in, you could
offer to publish a guest article – with its link – on your own

increase your self-esteem and lay the foundation for collaboration
long and fruitful. In addition, it will get an idea of ​​the quality of your site
by visiting it; which will play a big part in your advantage.

Step 6: Ask to publish an article (with your link) on his blog, and show him the benefits

It is
here everything is played out. You have to convince the blogger that you are targeting
agree to publish an article with your link on its site. But if you
have followed all the previous steps, it will say “Yes” with
enthusiasm. Why ?

that you have given abundantly, and now ask to receive “a
little. ” And since he’s a human being like you, he feels
psychologically in debt for everything you’ve done for him, and will
want to pay down debt. This is the principle of reciprocity: “If you tell me
give, I give you ”.

here is what you have to do: contact him as usual, and remind him
the benefits of guest blogging. Because if he previously seized the opportunity to
publish his article (with a link to his site) on your blog, is that he
already knows these benefits. You could for example found your case
that they will have free, fresh content on their site, and may attract
more traffic to your site thanks to the keyword around which your

Also, don’t forget to let him know that you’ve been browsing his blog up and down, and have a very clear idea of ​​the kind of articles he and his audience appreciate. Prove it to him by describing to him precisely said kind of articles. Let him know that your item will match its specifications. This is the 7e step.

7th stage: offer-an item that meets its specifications

that the site owner agrees to publish your article (with your link)
to improve your SEO, it must meet its specifications. Indeed,
he must :

  • Follow the same editorial line as the site: the ideal would be to find a popular and relevant subject that has not yet been dealt with;
  • Bring additional information to its readers;
  • Turn around a keyword and respect good SEO practices;
  • Be formatted according to the best articles on the site. In fact, some sites provide a template or at least guidelines for guest bloggers.

Step 8: Send traffic to his blog by promoting the article to your own readers, and respond to comments

The promotion
of the content you post is a key step in your strategy as
guest blogger. The owner of the site will be happy and could even
recommend in his network; which is good for your reputation.

so the same channels that you regularly use to promote
articles you write on your own blog. You could for example
inform your subscribers by sending them an email or share the links on your
social media. Add effective calls to action to get them to do it

elsewhere, respond quickly and enthusiastically to comments from
community. It’s about your reputation, and yours. And if the
owner authorizes you to do so, subscribe to said comments to
receive an alert each time a new comment is posted. it
will allow you to be responsive and interact effectively with the

These were
8 steps to to convince a site of
publish a guest article for
improve your SEO.

If you’re interested in finding other techniques to improve your positioning in search results, check out my free SEO guide.

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