▷ 8 steps to write a successful blog article 2020 Guide -

Writing a blog post is not very complicated, just write one word and then another, right? In fact, I suggest you discover the steps to follow so that your article is not just another publication on your blog, but an article that hits home! How do you do it? Let yourself be guided, here is the method…


1 / The choice of subject

It all starts with choosing a subject to deal with. If you start off with a topic that doesn’t interest anyone, it is likely that the article, even well written, will be very little read. So the question is: how do you choose a topic you like? Well, start by taking an interest in your persona. Your persona is your target, your typical client, the person on your list. By precisely defining your persona, you will come to understand their needs, tastes, problems and frustrations. This will make it easier for you to write to answer the problems of your readers.

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2 / The choice of keywords

Once you’ve selected your topic, search for associated keywords, using tools like Google trends or Google ads… Choose the keywords on which you can position yourself quite easily on Google and also sufficiently searched. This will allow you to increase your SEO and find new readers.

3 / Structure the content of your article

When writing an article, it is essential to think about the user experience. Indeed, your article should be easy to read! That’s why it’s important to structure it well. For this, making a plan is essential. In addition, it will save you time in writing.

To make a plan, start by opening a Word or Google doc document, then write: title, introduction, subtitle 1, subtitle 2, conclusion. Wrap the line each time. Then, complete your plan by writing your different subtitles, then go to the next step.

4 / Write a powerful title

Now you can think about your title. It should make visitors want to click to read more. For that, it is necessary that your title is a little mysterious and that it contains a promise. List headings like: “10 reasons for …”, “5 tips for …” work well, because in addition to being catchy, they are easy to “scan” articles for the reader.

5 / Write your article effectively

Now it’s time to get to the heart of the matter by writing the first draft of your article. To do this, start with the inside of the paragraphs, then finish with the introduction and the conclusion. For now, write without paying attention to your mistakes, your repetitions, etc.

Write, as soon as possible, to keep your ideas going without being interrupted by going back to correct mistakes or bad turn of sentences. Your article will be better and much richer. When you have finished this step, you will have to go back to your writing to correct the mistakes, remove the repetitions and rewrite certain sentences.

6 / Relevant links

Your item is almost ready, it’s time to enrich it with relevant links. Consider finding one or two links to other of your articles to create consistency between your different content. Then look for a quality link to an external site that can either supplement your article or support your comments. In addition to enriching your article, you will also create reciprocity.

7 / Illustrate your article with images

Now choose one or two or more images to represent your item. The images will especially be useful to give rhythm, to facilitate reading. So the number of images will depend on the length of your content. When appropriate, it may be a good idea to write the title of your article directly on your image. It’s very interesting if they’re usually shared on Pinterest.

8 / A rereading at the top!

Finally, all you have to do is read the whole thing again, being careful not to have forgotten anything, and to have optimized your SEO well. For this, use the Yoast SEO plugin if you are on WordPress. He will give you very valuable information. But beware, it won’t do all the SEO work for you. End up correcting the last spelling mistakes that could still hang around.

This last step may seem a bit optional, but in reality not at all. It is often overlooked and yet essential in order not to miss “shells” which could damage your credibility and the final quality of your article.

Now, you have all the cards in hand to write articles that are a hit. Remember that it all starts with the choice of subject, so do not neglect this essential point!

And you, what is your secret for writing thunderous articles?