▷ 9 advantages of developing your social media marketing strategy 2020 -
know, social media is a great springboard for your
business. Whether you have a real business to reference, or
your online presence that you would like to make stronger, the networks
can bring you results in an extremely fast way.

Best practices of marketing influence

reech_v1How to identify the best influencers? How to structure the partnership? What remuneration should be defined? It is to answer these questions that Reech has written a guide to survival in this jungle of influence which lists the 12 best practices. Reech supports its customers by helping them bring out ambassadors and generate conversations and visibility around the products or services of a brand.

it is not trivial that it is always more frequent to see entrepreneurs realize
all their marketing strategy only around social networks.

The benefits are, indeed, numerous and the results are indisputable. So let’s see without further delay the 9 advantages of using social networks for your business.

1 /
You get strong social evidence

social proof is certainly the first advantage to emphasize when talking
of a social media-based marketing strategy. Have people
who follow you, subscribers or followers according to the name you give them
on a given social networking platform, the important thing is the number.

what I mean by that is that the higher this number, the more your proof
social is strong. It means that “real” people
follow closely and want to be kept informed of your news.

What does this bring you in concrete terms? Credit. This credibility that you
win by displaying the number of your subscribers is actually used to prove
that other people already trust you. When you want to sell a
service or a good, that already constitutes in itself, a commercial argument. “See,
other people trust me, why not you? ” , it’s a little
the message that your number of followers sends to new people who
discover you.

2 /
You get profitable visibility

a global marketing strategy, it’s probably social media that will be the most profitable. What is that
that this means? This means that in terms of results and according to the budget
that you have invested before, there is a good chance that your ROI
be stronger thanks to social networks.

says, if we call social media a profitable strategy, it’s that you
you don’t have to pay to advertise. No, the networks
Social are profitable precisely to the extent that we can avoid paying to advertise.
In other words, if you make good use of social media,
you will gain an audience for free. So, by selling indirectly
your products, this will allow you to generate profits with a margin
formidable. Profitable, I told you …

3 /
You have a more authentic presence with your customers

you have a strong presence on social networks, you are immediately
closer to your audience, closer than any other
platform. Why ? For the simple reason that social media
are built around people and people. (Yes, so far I have not
you learn nothing ^^). In other words, the format of the content you publish
on networks is more amateur and in fact, more authentic. If you post,
for example, stories on Facebook or Instagram, you can
communicate more spontaneously with your audience.

It is
that same authenticity that will allow you to nurture trust with your
hearing. We tend to buy from a person or company to whom
we feel close. A company that speaks to us and affects us more than a
other. This is precisely what social media can do,

4 /
You know the real needs of your audience

sees many entrepreneurs losing market share simply because they
do not offer the services / products that their audience demands. Now, if you
want to have a high conversion rate, just offer exactly what
is ready to buy your audience. It is true that before the appearance of networks
social media, we only had the email to communicate openly with our audience.
It was only with email that you could probe and question your

with social networks, you have a whole range of tools to communicate
with your audience. You can know what she expects from you the way
the fastest and easiest way. Why not enjoy it?

5 /
You have healthier communication

sure, you can probe the needs of your audience. You can too, and it’s
which is great, just communicate with your audience.
When someone likes or comments on your post, now’s the time
for you to react quickly with it. You can then exchange
natural on social networks. Something that would be impossible otherwise. Likewise
– and we tend to forget it voluntarily – we can discuss and understand
the people who love us the least.
The famous “haters” sometimes have things to say. Sometimes,
it can be very rewarding to listen to a negative message on your
business or yourself. It gives you an opportunity to improve and be
always more efficient.

6 /
You benefit from a clearer market knowledge

you can, as we have seen above, directly probe your
audience, certainly. What if you are just starting out? How to survey your audience if
specifically, you don’t have one yet? In this case, you can analyze
competition, quite simply. It’s also a great way to
understand the market and the competition.

It is
indeed, on social networks, that you will have clear indicators on the
functioning of your market. You can quickly see what works
and what is not working. You will even have the opportunity to analyze the methods
used by major players in your market. What better for better
prepare for your next business transaction?

7 /
You gain regular traffic on your other links

another benefit of using social media is that it also allows
to increase traffic to your site, for example. By sharing your content
on social media, you increase your chances of your site being known
with your audience.

is entirely possible – or even recommended – to use the traffic you
get on social media to redirect it later where you want it
want: a sales page, an email capture page, or whatever. It is
then targeted traffic that you earn “for free” in exchange for
informal and spontaneous publication… A tremendous lever for conversions
fast and efficient.

8 / More brand authority

Brand loyalty and satisfaction
customers play a major role in strengthening your business, but
everything is based on communication. When customers see your business
publish messages on social media, in particular by replying to their
questions and posting original content helps them create an image
positive in their minds. Regular interaction with your customers proves
that you and your business care about it. Once you have obtained
some satisfied customers, who talk about their positive buying experience,
you can let real customers advertise it for you
who appreciated your product or service.

9 / You improve your SEO

The presence on social networks becomes a
essential factor in SEO. Today, it’s undeniable, for
get a good SEO for your site, the requirements are always higher
difficult since competition is always stronger. Likewise,
Google’s SEO algorithms are constantly evolving. Through
example, it is no longer enough to optimize your site and update regularly
your blog so that you have a good positioning on the engines of
research. Now you need to include social media. Indeed, the
companies that share their
on social networks send a brand signal to the search engine which
will then decree that you have some authority, which is a factor
important (among others) in SEO.


There is no denying that marketing with social networks has many advantages for startups, established brands, large groups or individual entrepreneurs. By following a good marketing strategy on social networks, you will benefit relatively quickly from the 9 advantages mentioned above. Finally, don’t forget that these 9 advantages have one common denominator: increasing your sales.

It is
therefore, most likely a priority for you and your business
start working on your social media strategy today.

If you see other benefits that I may have overlooked, please let me know in the comments below!

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