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Create a sales tunnel that automatically drops sales every day. It would be a dream, right? It would be enough to create regular content to inject traffic into this machine for sale and basta … We can count the sales. Or better, invest your advertising earnings with Youtube Ads and have (almost) nothing more to do except count your profits. I know, that leaves you dreaming…

Transform your web traffic directly into euros on your account, while taking the pill on a Phuket beach with a glass of coconuts in hand … Who has never dreamed of it?

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However, most web entrepreneurs who embark on the creation of their sales tunnel are far from this kind of result.

Often, they run a real gas plant. And the automatic sales that fall to flow are more like a tip than you can leave at a local restaurant.

Because very often, before you can profit from automatic sales, you have to work hard and methodically. And that’s what I want to tell you about in this article.

I will deliver you 9 tips to create an automatic sales tunnel that really hits home.

1. Know exactly who your sales tunnel is for

There’s no secret there, that’s one of the basics of marketing. To get your message across to your audience, you should already know that it’s your target audience.

Because you can imagine that we’re not going to communicate the same way if we’re talking to a 20-year-old girl or a fiftieth year. I’m going to give you an example.

Suppose you sell websites. Today all freelance professionals need a website. You could therefore create a general sales tunnel to sell your websites directly online.

And your sales tunnel will surely bring you as much as a rainy Sunday in a garage sale.

It would be better to precisely target your audience by creating one or more personas. For example, create a specific sales tunnel for website sales for restaurateurs. Then create another specific tunnel for garage owners.

By precisely targeting your ideal client, you will use expressions and talk about the specific needs of your typical client. And your sales tunnel will be much more profitable.

2. Learn from what the competition does

I hope you like adventure because it’s time for you to become a real spy and infiltrate the competition. But beware all the same, to be inspired is not to plagiarize or you will leave empty pockets once more. Instead, follow this action plan that I recommend below:

  1. List the main competitors of your theme (at least 4 or 5);
  2. Analyze the front doors of their sales tunnels (articles, videos, pubs, etc.);
  3. Study how they collect emails and subscribe to their lists
  4. Analyze their email sequences (How often? What is it talking about? When do they sell…?);
  5. Take inspiration from what convinced you the most and do better in your own sales tunnel.

3. To find the treasure, just read the map

If you read these lines, it’s that you want to create a sales tunnel that allows you to sell your products or services. This is the end goal of your sales tunnel.

But before arriving at the sale, your prospect will have to go through various stages that he will have to plan to:

  1. Simplify your task;
  2. Create a coherent path;
  3. Do not forget anything.

So you are going to design your sales tunnel, as in the example below made with Funnelytics.

plan sales tunnel

Does this step seem anecdotal to you?

For the creation of a sales tunnel with more than 3 steps, not really. Just forget a single item (like an email or a link) and the fabulous machine for sale in automatic turns into an automatic credibility crusher.

4. The right tools make the right workers

Many web-entrepreneurs who create their businesses online are self-employed. Maybe you too? If this is the case, you have probably broken your head in the choice of your tools to create your website, then your sales tunnel?

Because even if it is not your tools that will make a poor sales tunnel in a cash machine, they can still make your job easier and simplify your organization.

If a few years ago, to sell on the Internet, you needed a different tool to have a website, an autoresponder, a payment system, host your product … Today there are powerful all-in-one tools specializing in the creation of sales tunnels as :

Using this kind of tool is simplifying your life in the creation of its tunnels, but it will also allow you to easily set up the advice that I am about to deliver to you in the following points.

5. Don’t get lost in the creation of your sales tunnel

The rise of the automatic vending machine on the Internet has made many people dizzy and filled the pockets of some.

Everyone wants to learn how to create their tunnel, everyone wants the latest trendy tool, everyone wants the tunnel template that converts…

And everyone forgets the basics: the content.

Because the important thing is that it’s not time to go through the steps before buying. Neither the number of emails to send. Neither if you have to do O.T.O (I’ll talk about it later) or if you have to use Clickfunnels or Systeme.io. In the end all of that doesn’t give a damn!

The important thing is to know what to put and what to say at each stage of his tunnel so that in the end, the prospect is conquered and goes to buy. So your tunnel must:

  • Remind your prospect that they have a problem;
  • Show your prospect that you have the solution to this problem;
  • Prove to your prospect that you are competent to help him;
  • Allows you to gain the confidence of your prospect;
  • Fuels your prospect’s desire for your solution;
  • Push your prospect into buying action.

If you create a sales tunnel that meets these 6 points, I can guarantee you that you will be doing everything with. And this advice logically leads to my advice number 6.

6. Simplifying is not simple

When you get started on the Internet and you hear about the creation of an automatic sales system, you discover that you have to:

  • Segment;
  • Automate;
  • Split / test.

In short, a work that relates more to architecture than to crafts. But when you have no results with your sales tunnel, you are convinced that the key is in there.

We therefore find ourselves creating an increasingly complex sales tunnel. To finally understand that the key lies in simplicity. Because let’s be honest, is excessive segmentation and split testing really useful for a few things when it is difficult to gather 100 daily visitors?

7. Create a sales tunnel as a tourist guide

This advice, which may seem fanciful, is very important. You have to design your sales tunnel, as a tour guide designs your excursion. The guide builds his route according to the monuments to see in town and makes sure to save the best for the end.

If you have a product catalog with different ranges, do the same. Arrange for your prospects to see your product catalog.

Pass your prospects through the sales tunnel for your small products (less than € 100) and when they become customers, pass them through your sales tunnel for your intermediate products (between € 100 and € 500) and if they continue to be won over by your products, pass them through the tunnel of your mega products (more than 500 €).

It’s a great way to upscale your satisfied customers and explode your bottom line. If you want to go further, read this article where I analyze my own sales tunnel that uses this method.

8. Use O.T.O without making a mess

This is a piece of advice hacked into the web by marketers, because it makes it easy to increase the average basket of its customers. What is an O.T.O? Well, it’s a One Time Offer, that is, a one-time offer only offered to customers at a certain time.

Order bump, Upsells, Downsells, … These kinds of limited offers, democratized by tools like Clickfunnels or Systeme.io.

If this kind of offer is used well, it can be interesting for you as well as for the customer. For example, offer a complementary product to the one your customer has just purchased, which is not usually available in your catalog.

Conversely, this kind of misused offer can transform your sales tunnel into an audience press by sending the signal that you are ready to do anything to sell more and more products.

Be careful, don’t forget that you are creating a sales tunnel to sell, but also to establish your authority in your theme, not to discredit yourself and pass for a carpet seller.

9. Sales tunnel: the laboratory for testing and optimization

The main interest in the creation of a sales tunnel is the ability to analyze, test and optimize each step of the sales process.

By following the statistics of each stage of your sales tunnel, you will be able to identify the points of friction, that is to say when your prospects leave your tunnel.

This is a major asset in the sales process, because it is enough to test new things to optimize its sales tunnel and always bring more prospects on its offers without increasing its traffic.

You could test, for example:

  • Your copywriting (where the art of selling more with words);
  • Your course (time before making an offer, order of offers, etc.);
  • Your angles of presentation;
  • Your design.

It’s your turn

The key to your financial independence may be behind your sales tunnel, but we will not lie: we will have to work hard.

Before you can really benefit from fully automatic sales, you will have to set up your offers, your mailings, automation … And systematically analyze everything to then be able to optimize it.

Once this is done, if your products are good (because yes, that’s the bare minimum to make sales), all you have to do is inject traffic to enter your tunnel and reserve your plane ticket to Phuket.

But how many webentrepreneurs are really willing to make all of these efforts?