▷ A business blog to generate traffic 2020 -

Creating and maintaining a blog represents a significant investment in time for a business. However, it often turns out to be profitable. A blog has several advantages, including that of significantly increasing traffic to the company’s website. Here are some explanations on the interest of a blog for your traffic and your digital strategy.

The blog: an investment

Blogging is not the most time-consuming part of the blogging process. The site can indeed be created rather quickly by passing by hosts like 1 & 1. The step requiring the most work will be the regular writing of quality articles, this last criterion being essential to the success of your blog.

Site traffic

An interesting blog post attracts readers, who are then likely to go to your business site. This will have the direct effect of increasing traffic to pages such as those presenting your offers.

In addition, a blog allows the public to participate directly in your communication process. Your articles can be shared on social networks, which will further increase your traffic. This is why it is important that your articles are worked on in order to attract the interest of readers.


A blog can be a real asset in your SEO strategy because, like your audience, search engines appreciate new, quality content. If Google finds that your domain regularly provides new blog posts with relevant content, this can help improve the positioning of your domain in the result pages (and therefore increase your traffic).

Also in order to optimize your SEO, also be careful to use the keywords in your blog posts. This will indicate to search engines the relevance of your articles.

Content Marketing and awareness

Creating a blog is also the perfect opportunity to boost your content marketing strategy: bringing quality informative content to your audience to highlight your company’s expertise.

In your blog, you can then publish research, tutorials, behavioral surveys, or even interviews with specialists: exclusive content reminding the public that you are in control of your subject and that you can be trusted. Your blog can thus favor the conversion of your visitors into customers.

In addition to the blog, you can also use content marketing on other media. A YouTube channel or a business magazine are original ways to bring quality content to the public.

A well developed expertise will also contribute to the growth of your notoriety within your sector of activity: when a prospect will need a service similar to yours, he will be more likely to think of you if he already has was put in contact with your company through an article that they liked.

So, despite the time required to maintain a blog, we strongly recommend that you keep one because of its advantages in digital communication.