▷ A free tool to schedule your Instagram posts and stories 2020 -

I already told you about Combin which offers you a tool to develop your community and manage your marketing on Instagram. The company has launched a new free tool to schedule your Instagram posts and stories. Let’s see it together …

On the Combin website, you now have the choice between
two tools:

  • Combin Growth, which corresponds to the historical tool and allows you to develop your Instagram communities through the automation of certain actions (follow, unfollow, like, comment …);
  • And the new kid, Combin Scheduler, which allows you to schedule publications and stories.

Combin Scheduler: easily plan your publications and stories

With this new tool, you can plan your
Instagram content easily
without having to connect to the social network like
with certain tools. Real programming both on the side of
classic publications as stories.

You can schedule them right away or schedule them
weeks to months in advance. Free yourself time for your
more strategic community management actions.

Schedule Instagram Post

The tool includes a functionality to optimize the size
of your photos in Instagramable format. You can zoom, crop, change the
size in square format, vertical, portrait, landscape as you see fit.

Crop Instagram photo

It is also possible to enter your details,
hahstags and places as if you were on your Instagram app.

Another interesting feature that will save you
considerable time in your community management actions: the
batch loading of stories.
Suddenly select images for
add in batch in your stories.

Program Instagram Stories

In just a few clicks you will create many stories!

To get an idea, here is a video presentation:

It’s your turn !

The Instagram planner is free, what more can you ask for. It is also available in French.

Click here to test

Article written in collaboration with Combin