Teasing campaign, influencer capsule collection, muse, Klout, micro-endorsement, UGC … Marketing influence has its own language. Whether you work in a large group or in a startup, marketing influence is one of the most effective marketing techniques today. But to be effective, it is important to master the vocabulary. That’s good, Reech has just published, with the help of its partner Definitions Marketing, a 30-page document to learn all about the marketing influence and master all the expressions used in this field …

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A as an influencer marketing agency

First word of this glossary, it is not the most complicated but it is important to lay the foundations well. The influencer marketing agency supports advertisers in setting up their campaigns. She knows the influencers and their mode of operation, she also has all the tools to identify them and follow the ROI of the campaigns.

C as an influencer capsule collection

You already know the capsule collections generally used by ready-to-wear brands? We take this principle and apply it to influencer marketing. An influencer will design products or models for a brand or a brand.

E for earned Media

The Earned Media means exposure that a brand enjoys on social media, blogs and review sites for free. Earned media is supplemented by paid media (advertising) and owned media (media owned by the brand).

F as influencer fit / matching

You know this in a natural way: for a marketing influence campaign to bear fruit, it is essential that the selected influencer (s) is (are) in affinity with the brand. The Fit matching refers to the fact that the influencer is in line with the brand and the objectives of his campaign.

L as a long tail of influence

In a marketing influence campaign it is not necessarily relevant to choose the biggest influencers. Depending on the objectives and the targeted ROI, it is sometimes more relevant to select micro-influencers. We then speak of long train.

P as an influence platform

The pforms of influence are tools for identifying influencers by industry and measuring their influence using an influence score. This is what for example Reech.

Example of a screen that can be found on Reech:

R for RP 2.0

RP 2 .0 denotes the new form that press relations takes. RP 2.0 includes, in addition to press and media journalists, bloggers, youtubers and other influencers.

S as influence score

The influence score measure the influence of an individual in a given area. This score makes it easier to compare several influencers in order to make an informed choice during a marketing influence campaign. Each social network also has its own scoring system to identify an influencer on a specific network. The most famous score is Klout, but there are many others.

T for Take over of social account

During an event operation, a brand or a media will entrust the management of one or more of its social accounts to a personality or an influencer for a determined period.

Example below with Au Féminin who entrusted her Instagram account to the influencer HolyCamille:

U like UGC

We are not talking about cinema here 🙂 but aboutUser Generated Content or user-generated content. Comments on e-commerce sites, discussions on forums, blogs and social networks… All of this content is content UGC.

To conclude

As you can see, the marketing influence really has its own vocabulary. I have put here, in evidence, a very small sample of the 55 terms explained in this glossary.

So you know what you have to do?

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Article written in collaboration with Reech