▷ A key trend on Pinterest in 2021: Japandi 2021 -

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Want to reimagine your marketing campaigns and reach consumers in an even more timely and effective way? Discover a new 2021 marketing trend to exploit on Pinterest …

Did you say Japandi?

Like every end of the year, Pinterest unveiled its annual report on trends for 2021. Among the most important trends to remember and that brands can use without moderation is Japandi.

Google Loves Me Workshop

It is simply the combination of Scandi ‘hygge’ and Japanese design that transforms your home into a peaceful sanctuary. This trend was born from what 2020 inspired: the importance of nature and of living in harmony with it.

On the program: neutral colors, clean lines, organic shapes, soft linen and light wood finishes… elements that allow you to achieve a zen state. They are also popular on several social platforms, starting with Pinterest.

A targeted marketing strategy on Pinterest

Halfway between social network and photo sharing site, Pinterest offers several advantages for very small businesses and SMEs. Thanks to its visual universe, it is a real mine of information and a source of inspiration to attract prospects to its site and increase its web traffic. Otherwise, this is THE №1 trend for e-commerce.

With Japandi, several companies can take advantage of this trend: brands dedicated to the home, brands of household appliances and electronics, brands of video or music, brands of household cleaning products, etc.

This is a trend to exploit to reimagine its marketing campaigns and reach consumers in an even more timely and effective way.