▷ A magazine perfect for tablets 2020 -

We often say that reading is less easy on a computer screen than on paper. Here is a magazine that takes the opposite view and builds on the advantages of a PC in terms of content presentation …

Qualitative content on a multimedia support …

This is the 4th issue that has just come out and the rendering is still superb. Besides the fact that in terms of Internet user recruitment and email address the operation is finely carried out, the development of the content is really superb. So this is a very good user experience that we offer www.plonger.com with video links, podcasts, forums and other websites (twitter and facebook group among others).

Training & Co'm

There are also many photos and slideshows in direct playback as well as videos, audio extracts and visual effects. The content is also very qualitative for divers, the articles are embellished with multimedia effects as I said above but it is also possible to locate the places whose articles refer to with Google map links. Which brings a real plus for lovers of diving and tourism.

The “technical” section with material testing is commercially well seen since links refer directly to the merchant sites. Support tests and comparisons, the reader can directly go to the walking site to order. The “landing pages” being perfectly configured.

So we are really on a hybrid magazine clearly made for browsing on a tablet for example (with internet access). Even if you are not a diver, I recommend that you take a look at this excellent initiative and then you never know, maybe it will give you ideas.

Number 4 to download here: Plongeur Magazine.