I already told you about SEOQuantum some time ago. I introduced you to their SEO tools, including semantic analysis and the semantic crawler. Today, on the occasion of Black Friday, you can benefit from 30% on all their tools. It’s time to equip yourself and take your site to the next level.. The semantic analysis tool having been redesigned, I take this opportunity to review it with you …

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SEOQuantum offers 3 tools to help you develop your SEO:

  1. Semantic analysis to optimize the semantics of your content.
  2. Semantic crawler to audit the content and its mesh on your site.
  3. Keyword Strategy, an advanced phrase research tool.

A semantic analysis tool to optimize your content

You know, for a few years, beyond the repetition of the keyword in your content, what Google will look at is if your content is semantically consistent.

The tool will thus give you the keys to meet the expectations of Internet users and the search engine.

After indicating the expression you are aiming for, you have a checklist to follow to optimize your content.

  1. The expressions to integrate into its title and its H1.
  2. The subjects to be covered, which gives you, at the same time, ideas for writing more quickly.
  3. The number of words to write.
  4. Models of content structures and questions that Internet users ask themselves.

You even have the possibility to download, in Word format, an editorial template to send to your web writing service provider if you do not write the content yourself.

The tool also allows you to find ideas for content, thanks to its cluster system:

This analysis gives you ideas for additional content to work on your semantic cocoon and strengthen the SEO impact.

You are taken by the hand for optimize your content from A to Z, you can either copy and paste your text or put the URL of your page for the tool to retrieve the content.

You are guided until you obtain a adequate seo score. Indeed, the tool offers a score system that tells you if the content is well optimized for the competition.

You can optimize your content live.

On certain elements, you have a view of what the competition is doing.

Example for the length of the content:

I can thus calibrate my content to do better than the competition and try to overtake them in the serps.

The lexical field respect tool gives you the expressions to add, those to reuse to increase their density and those to decrease. For each expression, you have suggestions to build the corresponding paragraph, example when I click on the expression “webmarketeur”:

The question tool tells you if your content answers Internet users’ questions (SEOQuantum uses Google suggestions to identify these questions).

And the last tool, thematic cluster, checks that your content does indeed link to pages in the linked themes. It can also help you come up with ideas for new topics to discuss.

In short…

This tool allows you to very fine optimize your content. It will undoubtedly be an asset to develop your SEO strategy.

The semantic analysis tool is usually offered at € 39 / month. The pack with the semantic analysis and semantic crawler tools at 89 € / month and if you take the complete pack with the keyword strategy tool: 239 €.

You can test SEOQuantum for free.

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Article written in collaboration with SEOQuantum