▷ A powerful method to bring customers back without looking for them yourself! 2020 -

You just opened your blog and you are probably wondering how you are going to do it for find your first customers… It’s probably a source of anxiety for you. So let me tell you that traditional methods of finding customers are outdated. Today, I suggest you make a little exercise to reach your goal without taking your head too much and without having to move your little finger (well almost)! How is it possible ? You’ll see…

To start, take a notebook and open a blank Word document on your computer. On this page, you will write the following question: “Who are the professionals who have the same clientele as me, but with whom I do not compete? “ So I invite you to reflect on this question.

Take the example of a Wedding photographer. Among the companies that have the same clientele as him – the bride and groom – we find: DJs, hairdressers, caterers, florists, pastors and priests, weeding planers, car and luxury car rental companies, etc.

All these professionals have in common that they have the married ones as customers, but they are not in competition with each other because they each carry out different activities.

To help you think, you must have determined the profile of your typical client. This is where my article where I’m talking about visitor surveys is going to come in handy.

Let’s take another example: imagine that you are home sports coach. What type of clientele uses the services of a home sports coach? It could be women, of a certain social level (CSP ++) Bac + 5 and more, between 30 and 35 years old ( in short the boho beautiful neighborhoods that vote Hidalgo in Paris) who want their sports coach to take care of her personally at home (no misplaced ideas eh …).

Inevitably, this affluent customers also interests professionals who revolve around its specific needs : beauticians, nutritionists, cosmetic surgeons, dog groomers, luxury boutiques, etc.

Once this work is done and you have determined a scope of action, you should go and meet these professionals to offer them a partnership. Here are 4 solutions that you can implement in your partnership:

1. Suggest that the other professional add you to their catalog of services to intervene on his behalf in white label. To the customer, it’s like you’re acting as an employee. The partner then pays you either in commission or at the hourly rate.

2. The exchange of platelets. You and your partner make the other’s service brochure available to your respective customers.

3. You can also tell your partner that you are acting as an external service provider and remunerate your partner on commission for each customer he brings to you. For example, you can both agree to set up a specific phone number or email address where you prescribe customers to each other. Whenever a sale is made, the commission is paid.

4. Finally, to build up a list of qualified prospects, you can also offer your partner to offer your digital book for free to their customers in exchange for their email address. All they need to do is fill out a form made available by your partner, who then sends you a list of the emails they have collected. Each time a sale is made using this list, you will pay its commission to the other professional.

I hope this technique inspires you. It certainly requires work upstream, because you have to travel to meet other professionals and sometimes face refusals, but it is very efficient and proven. Healthcare professionals use it a lot! So you will get good results with.