▷ A reminder with all the KPIS and key ratios to properly measure the impact of a marketing influence campaign 2020 -

For several years, Reech, the first brand tech influencer marketing, is working on better recognition and professionalization of influencer marketing. Each year, Reech publishes its study on the relationship between brand and influencers and takes part in numerous actions alongside the ARPP. Today, to help brands better understand the marketing influence, Reech publishes an infographic imagined as a sticky note with all the essential notions for measure the benefits of this type of campaign …

If there is one element that often poses a problem
when you set up a marketing influence campaign for the first time,
is good the ROI tracking and the implementation of KPIS. These KPIS
are, however, essential to effectively manage campaigns.

Similarly behind the terms used by the actors of the
influencer marketers often hide different notions, so it’s
important to clarify these. This is one of the purposes of this infographic.
To give credibility to a communication lever and create the
confidence necessary for its development, clear KPIS are needed, used by

The infographic thus gives the definition and the calculation method
of the top 11 KPIS. Among them, we find the famous engagement rate but also the range rate, the retention rate or
theEMV (Earned media value).

We also find the pyramid of the main KPIS so
to have a clear view of the important things to watch out for. Size
from the community to sales, through the central marketing KPI
influence: commitment.

In short, an infographic to have in front of you during your next marketing influence campaign. You can find it below.

Infographic Marketing Influence KPIs by Reech

Source Infographic: Reech

Article written in collaboration with Reech