▷ Adapt your business and communication in the face of coronavirus -

Freelancers and businesses in general have had a hard time with the coronavirus containment measures. Cancellation, postponement, activity will be at half mast in the coming months. In order to overcome this vacuum, here are some tips to adapt your communication and your activity…

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Keep your optimism

During this period which severely affects the entire population, it is important to keep your optimism!

Take advantage of this time of confinement to revise your communication strategy and prepare for the months to come. After this sharp drop in activity forced by the coronavirus, it will be important to set off again to make up for the lost months.

Be positive and prepare now for this recovery!

Gain proximity with prospects and customers

If the period is not for sale, the budgets being frozen for the most part, it is the right time to gain proximity with its prospects and retain customers.

Communicate regularly with them, offer them an adaptation of your services, start planning with them the coming months.

It is important to have good follow-up. Like us, with our web marketing training and trainers, you must have canceled some of your services. Try, as much as possible, to offer different options to maximize postponements and minimize cancellations.

If your activity allows, consider offering specific services. A great example with Intermarché, which has set up opening hours reserved for the elderly.

Self-help must be a value to be developed, whether it is with your colleagues, customers, partners.

Everyone must stick together to get through this coronavirus crisis.

Consider now to adapt your offer

Adapting your offer is essential, the date for returning to normal is still very vague, it is important to think about adapting your offer now to be ready in the event of an extension.

It takes time … but … good news … there is no shortage of time in the coming weeks!

If you have a business and are not yet selling online, now is the time to get started. Without even launching an e-commerce site which can take several months to set up, start by taking orders by email or via your social networks.

If you are coaching or training, now is the time to create your training online.

These are two examples, but generally use these new constraints to offer new adapted services.

The option of the free offer during containment linked to COVID 19

Many media have set up free offers, notably canal +. This is an excellent strategy, so the offer can be tested on a massive scale. It’s also a great way to spread the word about your brand.

Of course, this does not apply to all activities, but why not think about offering a free offer limited in time in order to discover all or part of your offer.

Take the opportunity to work on substantive subjects

These coming weeks will be an opportunity to work on your substantive subjects.

You have been thinking for several months about launching a new offer, overhauling your communication, updating your site…

Enjoy it to work on these subjects which are constantly postponed for lack of time!

Be creative : create new offers and services

Adapt your communication

Despite the drop in activity, it is essential to maintain regular communication. Inbound marketing, SEO, email marketing and social media will be your best allies.

Work on your SEO

Working on SEO on Google takes time: creating content, links, optimizing the site, etc. Take advantage of this period to explore this subject. In a few months, the results will arrive to help you revive your activity.

If there is an action within everyone’s reach that can have an impact on your SEO, it is the creation of original and optimized content on terms that generate business. To help you, read this article again: Create content that will appeal to Google BUT especially your target.

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Communicating on social networks

Even though social media is currently overwhelmed with information related to covid 19, at some point people are going to need to move on.

Take the opportunity to communicate regularly on all of your social networks. People at home will tend to connect much more regularly.

Don’t forget email marketing

Also communicate regularly with your registrant base. And if you don’t already have an email marketing strategy in place, now is a good time to start one. For this, read our article “Create a newsletter with Mailchimp”.

Surf live video formats

Webinar, Facebook live or whatever, it’s a good time to set up live communications. Get started!

Adapt your advertising budgets

Depending on your activities, adapt your advertising budgets. For certain activities that have become impossible with confinement, it is better to slow down your budgets. If Google Ads campaigns can be easily cut without impact, prefer slowing down for your Facebook Ads campaigns, the Facebook algorithm does not like campaign stops and resumes.

Conversely, if your online activity allows you to bounce back from the situation, take the opportunity to maximize your budgets. Competition will decrease and so will prices, with most advertising platforms based on an auction model.

Aid implemented by the government for entrepreneurs and self-employed

To finish on the subject, here are some aids put in place by the government to respond to the situation of the coronavirus.

Several aids have been announced, URSSAF has for example automatically canceled the March deadline, it will be gradually extended over the coming months.

The credits in progress can be spread out, a solidarity fund for the self-employed and small businesses is also being set up. It will be aimed at companies that have seen their turnover fall by more than 70% and reserved for companies whose turnover does not exceed 1 million euros.

Water, gas and electricity bills as well as rents can be suspended.

Other helpers are also being deployed, on this subject, I advise you to read the complete file published by the site Set up your business: Helpers for entrepreneurs following the Coronavirus.

Good luck in this complicated period, do not hesitate to share your best practices via the comments!