In the United States, Google performs numerous tests of Adwords formats with images, videos, maps … in recent times we have seen, for example, advertisements for films associated with a YouTube video and others for traders with Google Maps. Today, in the wake of Google Commerce Search, the engine launches a format dedicated to shopping offering to display a photo of the product and its price …

With universal search, images, videos, maps, etc. have appeared in search results. Advertising formats are also gradually evolving to take account of this new situation.

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Here are some of the formats that are already active in the United States:

Adwords advertisements including videos…

For some contextual ads, it may be a good idea to display a video. This is the case, for example, of advertisements announcing the release of a film. Below is the example of the next Disney: Scrooge’s funny Christmas:

video adwords

Adwords advertisements including several links…

Another format offers to display several links to be able to directly access certain parts of the site. It can be useful to place this kind of format on generic keywords so as to direct the visitor to a more precise part of the site.

adwords multiple links

Adwords advertisements associated with a card…

This time, the ad is associated with a Google Maps, the postal address is also displayed next to it. This format is useful for promoting your place of sale.

adwords google maps

After Google Commerce Search: advertisements including product images and prices…

Google launched a few weeks ago Google Commerce Search, the engine takes advantage of this new service to create two Adwords formats using the same type of technology. We can now include the visuals and prices of its articles in advertisements like this:

adwords products

Users can even compare sponsored results with the “Compare sponsored result: keyword” query.

adwords products

By diversifying its advertising formats, Google hopes to improve click through rates and increase the volume of visits generated by Adwords. All these formats are not yet accessible in England but if the results are conclusive in the United States, we can expect to see them arriving in our country in 2010.

Source: Official Google Blog