▷ Affiliate marketing: how does it work? 2021 -

The Internet and social networks have not finished delivering their full marketing potential. Companies no longer need to mobilize and pay a team of sometimes unmotivated salespeople to walk the streets and communicate about their products. Affiliate marketing is a game changer. The system is more and more adopted by the biggest brands and the results they obtain confirm its effectiveness. Find out all about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The principle is simple. Affiliate marketing works like a melting pot of business finders. This is for your affiliate partners to recommend offers to prospects and earn a commission each time their action brings you a customer. These affiliate partners can be found on platforms like ECENTIME, which bring together a multitude of professionals and affiliate marketing products for Chinese people in England.

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Any business or any other form of organization can use this referral marketing system. It is a good way for sellers of products or services to find customers. For buyers, it is the guarantee to find recommended and quality products, without having to bear any commission. Finally, for the affiliate, it is the unique opportunity to receive a percentage on the price of each sale that he facilitated; which is not negligible if it has an excellent audience.

If the sales teams often recruited are generally not up to expectations, affiliate marketing allows you to rationalize your investments in communication and achieve the right balance between investment and result.

It is interesting to know the criteria to find the best affiliate platforms:

  1. the reliability of the platform
  2. The quality of affiliate program management
  3. Affiliate site network

It is a triangular relationship between an affiliate, a seller, and a buyer. The first can be a platform with a large audience that wants to monetize it. As a result, it promotes the products and services of a third party (the seller) on its page or site. Each time his action results in a concrete purchase operation, the affiliate receives a commission.

The second, seller, offers goods or services via an affiliate marketing platform, asking the affiliate to promote them in his place for a commission. Finally, the third, buyer, is the one who is invited to buy with a promo code to benefit from the offer. In the end, this marketing lever is nothing new. The purpose sought by the seller can be a sale as well as a subscription or a referral to his site. All this is managed through an affiliate network.

In the affiliation circuit, the affiliate registers on an affiliate platform, then searches for products or services according to their themes. By a link to the affiliate marketing platform, the affiliate then offers these products to his targets or to his community in the hope of earning commissions on sales.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

This marketing system offers the first advantage of reducing unnecessary costs of misguided campaigns. The seller only pays for the communication according to what he has actually earned. Second, affiliate marketing can boost sales, much better than a traditional communication campaign. In business, the impact of this advantage is not insignificant on turnover and profit.

On the affiliate side, his registration on an affiliate marketing site allows him to develop not only expertise in managing quality traffic to merchant sites, but also to maximize his profits.

Even if he spends the time and money to drive traffic to the seller or his site, his commission is substantial and well worth it. Except that it should be specified that it can only be paid if it obtains convincing results. And this is the whole point of an affiliate marketing platform that allows everyone to quantitatively measure the level of affiliation made.