Affiliation is a job. To succeed in this online activity, there are certain rules to follow. In this article, we are going to see 7 fatal mistakes that you absolutely must avoid to succeed in Affiliation. These are very common mistakes that beginners make and that I want to avoid making …


Error N ° 1: multiply the different offers

When you start in affiliation, it is very tempting to want to multiply the offers to your audience, of products or services that have nothing to do with each other, except to be offered in affiliation. Let me explain.

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You will offer a bodybuilding coaching program one day. The next day, you will offer a fitness diet offer. A few days later, you are promoting products to gain mass, etc.

Multiplying offers is the best way to create misunderstanding among your visitors. To understand why, put yourself in the head of your audience: let’s admit that your reader discovers you via a blog article.

Your blog is about dog education, for example. Your readers arrive on your blog, discover your content, and show interest. In your articles, you make offers to them: a program to properly educate your puppy in 3 weeks, another to teach him not to bite, and another offer, let’s admit, to teach him not to bark all the time .

The reader may not understand why initial puppy training does not include how to keep your puppy from biting or barking. After all, this is part of canine education in general. And so, if there is a misunderstanding on the part of your visitors, they will decide not to buy in the end, for safety. They will not want to spend money for nothing on something that may not be right for them.

So multiplying offers is useless. It is necessary to focus on a specific offer for a subject rather than to make sausage.

Mistake # 2: Spam with your affiliate link

This is probably the most common mistake and should not be made. Swing your affiliate link as a comment on blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, etc. does not work ! You do not bring any value by doing this, and you will pass for a spammer and get banned, especially on forums and certain Facebook groups, but also on YouTube, which will block you.

Imagine the scene: you are walking on the street, quiet, and someone comes up to you and says to you: “Hi, I have a super high-tech vacuum cleaner, don’t you want to buy it for me?” I’m doing a great promotion at -30%. Here is the link to my site ».

Are you going to buy her his vacuum cleaner, really? Obviously not. So why are you doing this with your affiliate link on the internet? People will never buy a product or service from you unless they know you at least.

Mistake # 3: promoting a bad product


This is a very common mistake, because bad products abound on certain platforms, like 1TPE. They may have tried to correct it since then, but the damage is done: 1TPE is cataloged as a site that offers low-end products because, from the start, it was. And a number of super affiliates advise against promoting the products of this platform, which is very well known.

Most people focus on the product’s commission rate, but if you want to choose a good product, you should look at other indicators: the number of refunds, the comments on the product to see if they are rather positive or negative, and of course, the number of sales made.

If a product is popular, it is surely better than the others in its category.

Mistake n ° 4: do not use a mailing-list

Effectively, e-mail remains the preferred channel for success in Affiliation. Why ? Because it’s the only way to reach as many people in your list with one message. The advantage of email is that the people who subscribed to your list have signed up, and are therefore qualified. So you are sure to hit the right people!

In addition, this audience belongs to you, unlike social networks. Don’t make the mistake of basing all your traffic on social media. Email marketing is the life insurance of your business!


Finally, even if you have traffic from social networks, you have no way of contacting people who are not subscribed to your mailing-list. They come once, maybe they’ll buy through your link, but after?

These people are lost forever and you will not be able to establish a relationship with them, make them new offers, send them a questionnaire to find out their needs, find out if they clicked on your links in your messages, etc. In short, you have no visibility on this traffic.

Mistake # 5: Not knowing the products you recommend

This is still a very common mistake. To say that a product is great is a little short to convince a person to buy it. You must know a minimum of the products that you recommend! I am not telling you to buy them all, it is not possible, but it is better to test them.

For example, I was able to test for free for 2 weeks, I discovered that the hype around this software ” all in one “ was justified. Indeed, it offers full functionality for a very reasonable price.

It’s both a tool for making sales tunnels, an affiliate program, and an emailing tool. There is even a blog section and a marketplace! Getting started is quick and intuitive. In short, it is perfectly calibrated software for beginners in affiliation!

With, we take you by the hand from A to Z. By the way, if you want to try for free, you have a 2-week trial period. If you are curious, you can start with the affiliate program, completely free, and independent of the subscription to the software itself.

Mistake # 6: not playing transparency

Today, 80% of the products or services that are on sale can be recommended by affiliation. People are getting to know the system. There is no point in hiding from your audience that you are recommending an affiliate product, which saves you money.

There is nothing wrong with that, and people can totally understand it. So be transparent and tell them frankly that the link you offer them is an affiliate link.

Mistake n ° 7: describe the technical characteristics instead of giving your opinion

People don’t want to read a technical notice. They want to have a objective and personal advice to inform their choice and make a decision.

So when you recommend a product in Affiliation, they do not care for example that such software will allow you to send 5000 emails per day, they can have the info on the sales page of the product. But they rather want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product in question, if it is easy to handle, if it achieves such a result, etc.

Give your sincere opinion on the product you recommend! This therefore implies returning to error 5, that of not having tested the product we recommend and not knowing it.

These were 7 mistakes you should not make if you want to succeed in affiliation.

I wish you all the success you deserve with Affiliation! Do not hesitate to ask me your questions, I will answer them with great pleasure …