▷ Affiliation: a new tool to manage campaigns easily and affordably 2020 -

With its performance pay system, membership remains THE most secure ROI acquisition lever. When we want to get started as an advertiser, we have two options: go through an affiliate management, such as Tradedoubler or other, or equip ourselves with a tool to manage your campaign and your network affiliate. Of course the second solution is more affordable and more flexible for VSEs / SMEs. On this subject, a new affiliate campaign management tool just launched, let me introduce you to Advibe.net …

We have already presented Advibe and its solution for agencies and performance marketing consultants to manage their clients’ affiliate campaigns. Today the company is launching a tool for advertisers and is therefore aimed at all companies wishing to start affiliating.

Its main advantages:

  • A simple, efficient and customizable interface on both the advertiser and affiliate sides;
  • At an accessible price, access to the platform starts from € 29.9 per month with no time commitment (versus € 69 for Affilae the main alternative);
  • Responsive and responsive customer service as well as very detailed documentation available online at any time.

A small video presentation to start:

Now let’s see together how it looks.

The advertiser side interface

Once connected to your Advibe account, you will be able to manage, very simply, all aspects of your affiliate campaign.

When you connect, you will find a dashboard with the key data to manage your campaign: the balance, the balance validated, the balance awaiting validation from your side. You also have a view on the leads and sales brought by your affiliates in recent days.

advibe advertiser dashboard

Then you have the tool for creating and monitoring your campaigns. You can create multiple campaigns and have an affiliate network specific to each one. The tool allows you to manage publishers, send them messages, have a view on the sales generated and also access the campaign tracking pixel.

Note that you will also find in this part an affiliation campaign registration form that you can put on your site to invite publishers / affiliates to join your program.

advibe campaign management

The editor section will allow you to manage affiliates. You can research, manage leads awaiting validation, add new publishers and validate those pending. By default, you will need to validate each of the publishers before they join your network.

A category system also allows you to classify your campaigns, your publishers and their sites on your account. Convenient to easily find items.

Of course, you will also have a report section to track impressions, clicks, leads, etc. With the possibility of having reports by publisher and campaign visual.

advibe affiliation campaign report

Finally, the payment section allows you to manage payments from your publishers, make billing calls and transfer their earnings to them.

What is also nice is that you can completely customize the interface to your colors with your logo so that your affiliates are not lost.

Advibe publisher side:

Publishers, once connected to your affiliate program will be able to monitor the performance of their campaigns via the dashboard, register their sites, retrieve line items as well as promotion links.

In this regard Advibe offers a very practical URL reducer to generate more aesthetic links, in particular for sharing on social networks. Of course they will also be able to track their payments and billing calls.

To give you an idea, here is a video presenting the editor interface:

Our opinion on Advibe

Advibe is a complete solution giving you access to all the tools to effectively manage your affiliate campaign. Simple and efficient, you will not waste time understanding how the tool works. And if necessary, the support is there. Price side, it is much more accessible than what we can see in the competition.

Plus, you have a 30-day free no-obligation trial, which lets you test and see if Advibe is right for you. What more could you ask for 🙂

To test for yourself and launch your affiliate campaign, visit the Advibe website

Article written in collaboration with Advibe