▷ After the checks, here are the lunch cards! 2020 Guide -

For several months now, many changes have taken place on restaurant vouchers. Now they are no longer only available in the form of paper checks, but also in the form of a card, with a balance that is automatically credited monthly. If some people still regret the old formula, it is clear that cards offer many more advantages than checks.


What is the lunch card?

The restaurant voucher is a means offered to the employees of a company to pay for their meals during the working days. Most of the money is funded by the employer and the rest by the employees. For the sake of modernity, the checks to be detached have disappeared, giving way to cards like the UpDéjeuner card.

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Thanks to this lunch card, it is easier pay for meals with restaurateurs and merchants, in a way that more secure. Indeed, the card is personal, nominative and requires an activation code.

What are the advantages for the employee?

Thanks to the lunch card, the employee can benefit from a cheaper meal, since it is co-financed by the employer (up to a daily ceiling of € 19 per day). This title is also very well perceived by the French, since it allows to increase the purchasing power of employees. The restaurant voucher is regularly cited as the preferred social advantage of the French.

The other advantage of preferring the card to the lunch voucher is that in the event of loss or theft, it is enough to deactivate the card and order another without losing a single penny. Indeed, the credit will be automatically transferred to the new card as soon as the other card is deactivated. Moreover, it is possible for example to manage your UpDéjeuner card from a mobile application. You will find there information related to his balance, but also a geolocation of restaurants / traders who accept this title near your position.

What are the benefits for employers?

Thanks to the lunch card, an employer benefits from an advantageous tax exemption system on the amount of meals. They are indeed exempt from social charges up to 5.55 euros per employee per day. Thus, an employer can benefit from an additional income while reducing his expenses. In addition, benefits in the form of restaurant voucher, good gifts or culture card are very seen by employees and helps motivate them more. Finally, the establishment of the lunch card is much faster than before, and eliminates the storage problem that we could have with checks.

What are the advantages for traders and restaurateurs?

Today, it is rare to find a restaurant, grocery store or food store that does not accept restaurant vouchers. First, accepting this title ensures that customers will come to consume regularly in their establishment. Second, the new card system also has benefits for restaurateurs, the first of which is SEO. Indeed, since they now appear in the dedicated mobile application, they can be searched for or offered to users thanks to the geolocation system.

You will understand, the news lunch cards offer many benefits for employers, employees, professionals and partners. Why not adopt it?