Since the creation of YouTube (in 2005), video has become ubiquitous on the Internet. Besides, itommunicate using video as a vector became a logical choice for a company that wants to increase shas visibility or talk about one of its products …

YouTube statistics (taken from

  • YouTube has more than a billion users;
  • Internet users watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube every day, generating billions of views;
  • The number of hours of monthly viewing on YouTube increases by 50% each year;
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute;
  • About 60% of a creator’s views come from abroad;
  • YouTube is available in 75 countries and in 61 languages;
  • Half of the views on YouTube come from mobile devices;
  • Every year, revenue from mobile conversions from YouTube grows by more than 100%.

Thanks to these figures, you can clearly see that a large part of your customers are browsing (Editor’s note : more or less regularly depending on the age group) and watch videos on this website.

Why such a craze for video? Very simply, it is very easy to transport and looks great on TV, DVD, computer, smartphone, etc. In addition, it spreads through YouTube, Facebook, emails and newsletters that you send.

Concretely: what is a corporate video?

The corporate video is a short and impactful film which aims to explain and present your company and your products to your customers. In this sense, video is an important communication tool, because it conveys a considerable amount of information in a reduced time thanks to:

  • Interviews;
  • Captations;
  • 3D or 2D animation;
  • Graphics (animated or not);
  • Music (to energize the montage and capture the viewer’s attention);
  • Comments.

A thoughtful and optimized corporate video will answer the majority of questions your customers have about your services and products.

Generate traffic on your website

It’s important to use YouTube as your delivery channel (Editor’s note: see the figures cited above), whether aimed at businesses or individuals. Indeed, there are more than 800 million unique users who consult YouTube!

You will surely not have like the RED BULL company 8 Million views after the diffusion of the parachute jump of Félix Baumgartner. But again, this astronomical figure shows you the power of video media. Imagine that 0.1% of these 8 million people watch your video, it still gives you 8000 views…

Those are 8000 people who watched your video. These 8000 people will know what services and products you are selling. And among these 8000 people, you will have customers or simply people who will talk about your services to those around them, which will generate new customers!

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