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You know the E-commerce Paris trade fair, but do you know that an equivalent trade fair exists for the adult sites market? On September 22 in Aix en Provence will take place the WebX Day & Night fair where you can learn all about the promotion techniques adapted to this activity. Since the start of the Internet, the adult content market has always been very dynamic and innovative in terms of online marketing. In 2010, it represented nearly $ 2.5 billion and continued to grow despite the gloomy economic climate …

Pornographic content represents almost a third of the web and 12% of the world’s websites are linked to this domain. If the market is doing well, the competition is also fierce, e-marketing strategies and promotion techniques must be well established to break into this sector which is becoming more and more professional.

It is in this context that the WebX Day & Night fair was created to help adult e-business professionals to develop their activity. It will take place on Saturday September 22 at the Aix en Provence convention center. Registration for the fair is free and visitors will be able to attend about fifteen conferences to improve their e-marketing knowledge. And yes, it’s not just the Paris E-commerce show 🙂

Here are examples of topics covered during the conferences:

  • SEO;
  • Choose its content X;
  • Community management;
  • Perfect your writing…
Full webxday program

Sessions with lawyers are also offered to improve one’s legal knowledge, which can be very useful in this area. The latest technologies will be in parallel presented, this will be the case for example of the X360 allowing as its name suggests the creation of 360 ° video.

Also note that the show offers an initiation for webmasters wishing to start in the creation of adult site, the vocabulary, the niches of this sector as well as the basic techniques will be exposed. And not to waste time, those wishing to embark on the adventure can even leave with a site thanks to the auctions at the end of the day.

To end the day and promote networking, a cocktail and an evening are offered to participants.

This event is an interesting initiative to better understand the adult market and professionalize it. It can also be an opportunity for web marketers to discover online promotion techniques adapted to the adult market and to learn why not techniques for a more classic activity 🙂

Practical information :
Dated : September 22, 2012 from 1 p.m .;
Location : Aix en Provence Convention Center;
Additional info: PDF presentation of the event;
The site: WebXDayNight.com.

To complete this article, I offer an infographic on Internet statistics related to pornography, they are targeted on the American market but a lot of information can adapt to other countries.

Internet porn