Machiavelli said that it is not the title that honors man, but the man who honors the title. Similarly in marketing, it is certainly not the title that honors the text, but the text that honors the title. The title is everything, so give everything for the title. Through this article, you will discover the secret of personalized catchphrases, 2 formulas for developing titles and 37 proven examples …

Imagine if PayPal had described its product as a particularly innovative financial infrastructure allowing you to bring together all of your banking needs under a single institutional hat …

Do you really think they would have had the success they are currently enjoying?

On the other hand, if PayPal tells you that “you can now send and receive money to your email address”, it is much more attractive. We agree ?

It is true that it may seem a little superficial, and yet the title is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your presentation. Whether in the newspaper pages, on your home page, your blog article, your email, your Facebook post…

Unconsciously, we all know that. But in reality, we tell ourselves that anyway if someone is interested in the subject, he will read our article. Of course, it doesn’t happen like that.

Me too, it annoys me when I have to spend more time on a sentence than on an entire article, especially when I struggled to draw a structure, a common thread, a story that might interest the reader.

The title what! Seriously do I have to spend another 20 minutes on a single sentence, when I’m crazy for having created a post wonder of more than 2000 words?

Well yes…

If you want to be read (who doesn’t want it?), If you don’t want the hours you spent writing your new article going to the trash, then you need to focus on the title. It is vital.

But don’t worry, that’s exactly why I’ve put together this ultimate guide to building your next title. If you are inspired, you can choose between the 3 different methods. If you are a little less so, then simply choose one of the 2 formulas and finally, if you really have no desire to scratch your head for that, but you are still looking for a title that hits home , copy and paste one of the 37 examples provided!

A bit like when you hadn’t revised your math test and sat next to the best student in your class … You know, the one who always did his homework!

The 3 methods to develop a title that captures attention

The usefulness of a title is that the reader has to read the introduction. Simple! But some titles imagined by the most legendary copywriters still delight us today.

For example, the most famous poster, imagined by John Caples, for piano lessons …

example marketing copywriting title

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

In reality, there are not really any magic formulas to guarantee the success of a title.

There are those that work better than others. But the most successful method is this: personalize the title, give the impression that it was written for the reader. Of course, these are the kinds of titles that are the most difficult to create. I still have 3 ways for you to customize your next title.

It’s about knowing who you’re talking to and providing a relevant framework: competitive, inspiring, beneficial.

Take the case of a freelance writer who wants to sell a training course presenting what he learned …

If his target is already well launched, he will then say that what interests him is to increase his income: competitive.

➔ Increase your income by 40% in 1 month with this simple freelance tip

Maybe his target, on the other hand, is in its infancy and needs some inspiration: inspiring.

➔ How I became a professional writer in 1 month without previous experience and how you can get there faster than me

Finally, maybe she is bored at her job, vaguely knows what a freelance is, but she does not see what she could get out of it: beneficial.

➔ This woman got fired 3 months ago, she now works wherever she wants when she wants by earning double

The 2 formulas to write headlines that will explode your traffic

On his super site Kopywriting Kourse, copywriter Neville Medhora offers us 2 formidable formulas, to write excellent titles without taking too much cabbage.

How (Result) + (time) + (objection)
➔ How to prepare delicious fish in 15 minutes for less than € 5 per person

(Action) + (time) + (result)
➔ Book an hour-long coaching session and I will improve your online store sales

37 examples of titles to copy and paste

Because sometimes we just can’t figure out what others want, so we copy what is already working! And since learning is often done by imitation, it’s always good to have examples of what works. Think of it as a copywriting rescue kit! The following titles have been gleaned here and there over the course of my digital wanderings. They are either taken from French, Italian or English articles. They made the headlines of major newspapers, success stories from various corporate email campaigns, and success stories from articles posted on LinkedIn.

1. The secret of people who (result)
➔ The secret of people who knew how to quit smoking

2. The secret of people who (result) without (objection)
➔ The secret of people who quit smoking without gaining weight

3. Do you also suffer from (problem) at (place)?
➔ Do you also suffer from demotivation at work?

4. My advice to (audience) who want (result)
➔ My advice to bloggers who want to triple their traffic

5. How I passed (problem) without (objection) in (time)
➔ How I overcame my fear of jumping into space in 2 minutes flat

6. Are you ready to (result) in only (time)?
➔ Are you ready to learn Spanish in just 3 months?

7. Proven: the most effective method for (result)
➔ Proven: the most effective method to double your subscribers

8. Why do some (audience) have more (profit) than others? The answer may well
surprise you.
➔ Why do some freelancers have more paying customers than others? The answer
may well surprise you.

9. Plan your (profits) in (result)
➔ Plan your new earnings by doubling your traffic

10. The best (product) in the world and how to get it for a bite of bread
➔ The best marketing book in the world and how to get it for a bite of bread

11. The secret of (hearing) which (result)
➔ The secret of bloggers who earn 3x your salary

12. The secret of (hearing) which (benefit)
➔ The secret of bloggers who make a living from their blog

13. How (audience) do they do (outcome) and how you can do it too
➔ How digital nomads do to work under coconut palms and how you can
do it too

14. How I have (problem) and (result) (time)
➔ How I got kicked out on the field and won double freelance 6 months later

15. We analyzed almost (products), here is what we learned
➔ We analyzed almost 1000 blogs, here is what we learned

16. (Product) –Everything you need to know to go from zero to hero
➔ SEO – Everything you need to know to go from zero to hero

17. The ultimate guide to (profit) without (objection)
➔ The ultimate guide to triple your traffic without paying a penny in advertising

18. What I learned in (problem) in (time)
➔ What I learned by spending € 20,000 on Facebook ads in 2 years

19. This simple trick will allow you to (result) in less than (time)
➔ This simple trick will allow you to get 100 new subscribers in less than 24 hours

20. Please don’t make the same mistake as this (audience)
➔ Please don’t make the same mistake as this young entrepreneur

21. In (hearing), I thought I was making a good decision
➔ By becoming a blogger, I thought I would make a good decision

22. In (audience), I thought I was doing the best for me, I was wrong
➔ By becoming a freelance, I thought I was doing the best for me, I was wrong

23. Who else wants (profit) in (time)?
➔ Who else wants to gain financial independence in a year?

24. Who else wants (result) in (time)
➔ Who else wants to triple their earnings in 3 months?

25. Last chance for (profit)
➔ Last chance to plan for early retirement

26. The future of (audience) by (time)
➔ The future of writers within 2 years

27. Why should (audience) (result)
➔ Why millennials should refuse any uninteresting job

28. You must solve (problem) before (time)
➔ You must absolutely resolve your lack of traffic before the start of next month

29. These 5 mistakes can be expensive for (audience)
➔ These 5 mistakes can cost your business dearly

30. The mistake not to make when you (result)
➔ The mistake not to make when you start your blog

31. Can the (problem) kill your (product)
➔ Can lack of traffic kill your blog?

32. The best (product) in history for (result)
➔ The best sales letter in history for 2 billion reasons

33. How to be (result) when (problem)?
➔ How to be a good leader when you have no experience?

34. The serious mistakes that make (problem)
➔ The serious mistakes that cause employees to resign

35. The hidden truth of a successful (audience)
➔ The hidden truth of a successful influencer

36. Spend (time) your day at… and (result)
➔ Spend 10 minutes of your day meditating and become the master of your emotions

37. Give me (time) and I’ll show you how (result)
➔ Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you how to read 5x faster

By the way (The Heart catcher 3.0) …

On French Copywriting, I dissect the way in which certain entrepreneurs rise to the top of the web!

To dominate your field, I concluded that 3 essential elements are needed: a strong image, stories to tell and an offer to decline. In other words, (self) branding, storytelling and copywriting.


Loris C.