▷ Amazon Product Ads: the end of an adventure 2020 -

You know the Amazon Product Ads ? These are the product ads that can be seen in the Amazon results list …

For nearly a year, Amazon has been offering e-merchants to reference product offers with a link to their own site: this is known as an “external site”. This is why the classic shopping cart button has been replaced by a link to the site in question, as shown in the example below.

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end of amazon product ads

end of amazon product ads

External Amazon product ads site

But for the past few weeks, Amazon has announced by email to all advertiserspermanent interruption of service from October 31.

Email - end of amazon product ads

Let’s try to understand the reasons which push Amazon to launch and to close this advertising service.

Amazon VS Google: the limits of collaboration

Amazon is a partner in the Google Adwords search network. In other words, it monetizes part of its site by referencing ads disseminated via Google technology. It guarantees an income without facing development issues or advertiser support. But in parallel, Google masters a technology implemented on one of the sites generating the most traffic in the world.

Until then, everything is going well … It was however in September 2014 in the United States that the site Searchengineland.com alerted on Amazon’s new bias: limit dissemination Google Adwords ads on its site (graphic below).

Graph share of Amazon clicks in Google search networks

We then understand better why Amazon wants to gain independence. In recent years, it has also prepared direct competition for Google: sponsored products (Marketplace), Product Ads, Text ads, Amazon RTB, etc.

Product Ads service

Amazon Product Ads is an interesting bet with the aim of develop the volume of Amazon offers via product flow indexing. Many e-merchants have taken advantage of these features, because when a significant volume of offers could not be added to the Marketplace service (especially for technical reasons), the Product Ads service could take over.

In addition, Products Ads keep their promise to e-merchants: conversion rates are overall very high ! For a relatively small invested volume, the volume of orders generated is rather interesting. This format quickly gained significant popularity.

And yet the service is soon interrupted … When Reuters asks Amazon for an explanation, the company replies that it ” Constantly revises the services dedicated to partners to help them reach their client base and support them in the growth of their activity. “

This declaration is far from satisfying us. The first element that challenges us is the lack of traffic generated by this platform. The few thousand clicks generated remain very low compared to the potential of the Amazon site! It’s rare to find a Product Ads ad on the first page of results.

We therefore assume that the end of the service is linked to the loss of customer data by Amazon. Even if the volume of offers increases on its site, Products Ads compete with the Marketplace service, and Amazon loses customer data as well as transaction history.

To be relevant and in direct competition with Google Shopping, we would have waited for the active development of a distribution network.

New advertising models

In parallel, Amazon has started to distribute Amazon Text Ads, a new advertising format available in beta in the USA. So let’s stay tuned, ready to launch new promising campaigns!

Source: searchengineland.com

Image source: Shutterstock