Google has just added an iGoogle gadget for its webmaster tools. This will add a new tab in iGoogle which presents all the important information normally found in the tools. This allows you to access the information you want to follow more quickly …

IGoogle Webmaster Tools Gadget

To activate the gadget, just go to Google webmaster tools go to the tools section and click on Gadgets. Then click on “Add a Google webmaster tools home page”. Then you can customize the tab by choosing whether or not to display the different information present. We can of course, later, add or delete these different info.

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Once the gadget is installed on your home page, you have an overview of important information about your site: crawl errors, content analysis, tops queries, stats on subscribers to your RSS feed, how Google sees your site and external links. If any of this information does not interest you, just click on the little cross to remove it from your tab.

This allows you to make a small dashboard by keeping only the important information.

Source : Google Webmasters Central Blog.