I mentioned the Yooda SeeUrank software in the list of 20 essential SEO tools for position tracking. SeeUrank is not limited to this functionality and offers a whole series of tools to help SEOs in their daily lives. Today we’re going to test SeeUrank Webtools. It allows you to analyze your positions on the basis of 17 million French-speaking keywords, to identify the most visible competitors and to find new keywords to work on the referencing of your site, follow the guide …

Webtools is composed of two tools: SEO Benchmark and Keyword Suggest, let’s start by testing the first.

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SEO Benchmark: Get a global view of your SEO in a few minutes…

After having indicated the URL of its site, 6 performance indicators are displayed like this:

seo benchmark url

Among these indicators allowing a comparative audit of its referencing, we find, the Yoovi ranking (ranking of websites according to their visibility in search engines), the number of keywords positioned on the first page among the 17 million keywords included in the base, the number of pages of the site appearing on these keywords, the competitors positioning, an estimate of the engine traffic as well as the Alexa Rank.

Now let’s take a look at the key data presented by the tool.

Keywords positioned…

positioned keywords

The tool will bring out all the keywords on which you position yourself on the first page. You can then sort them by number of searches, competition (the tool is based on Adwords competition) and number of results. You can also export this list to work on it. In our example, I sorted by number of searches, so I get the most searched keywords on which the blog is positioned.

Powerful pages…

high performance seo page

On the High-performance pages tab, you will be able to identify the pages of your site that are positioned. You can sort the pages by traffic estimate or number of keywords positioned.

Note that this estimate, which you can also find globally among the key indicators, is calculated as follows: number of searches by keyword X probability of click per position.

Competing sites…

competitors seo site

On this last tab, you will be able to identify your main competitors. For this, the tool, once you have analyzed the keywords on which you position yourself, identifies the sites positioning themselves on the same keywords. You can see the number of keywords you have in common and the number of keywords on which each of the competitors is positioned.

Benefits of SEO BenchMark

To summarize the advantages of this tool:

  • Identification of competitors on Google;
  • Comparison of visibility scores;
  • Analysis of your keywords and those of your competitors;
  • Identification of your best SEO pages and those of your competitors.

Keyword Suggest: identify potential keywords

keyword suggest seo

Now let’s go to the test of the second tool from SeeUrank Webtools: Keyword Suggest.

By entering a keyword or website address, the tool will generate a list of relevant keywords. You can then sort them by number of searches, by competition or by number of results.

By exporting the lists of keywords, you will be able, for example, to identify via Excel the keywords having substantial searches but little competition in order to integrate them into your SEO strategy.

To conclude…

SeeUrank Webtools offers two valuable tools that will support you in your SEO strategy. It is available by subscription from € 39 per month, with no time commitment.

To test for free, go here: webtools.seeurank.com