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For this 7th number of the startup of the month, operation in partnership with CB News, you have widely acclaimed Realytics during the votes organized on our Facebook page. This Startup offers a tool for finely analyzing the online impact of TV advertising campaigns. A real revolution in the calculation of ROI. Discover with us Realytics…

3 questions to the startup “Realytics”

Hello Guillaume, can you introduce Realytics to us?

We are a French startup, 1st independent player in the market, which analyzes the online impact of TV advertising campaigns. It’s a kind of Google Analytics of TV!

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Our technology will identify, track and analyze the activity of visitors from TV. We can then draw relevant lessons in order to increase the impact of investments and optimize media planning (best channel / time slot, most efficient creation, etc.). We demonstrate, among other things, that a large audience is not necessarily synonymous with performance and that there are pools of very qualitative audiences depending on the target that we want to reach!

Half of our customers are pure players who rely on television as a channel of acquisition (more than 80% of viewers watch TV with a second screen; tablet or smartphone). But we also work with more traditional advertisers with other sales channels than digital.

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How did the idea for this project come about?

During our professional experiences, the 4 co-founders noted the absence of real-time statistical tools, effective on a large volume of data (especially during the experience in the gaming world of my associates). Together, we had the idea of ​​developing analytics specifically designed to help web players measure the impact and ROI of their TV campaigns.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

Realytics’ ambition is to become the leader in offline advertising analytics, in England and internationally. The projects are therefore in line with this objective; pursue investments in R&D, develop commercial partnerships abroad, strengthen teams through the recruitment of key profiles. But above all, launching new products and new functionalities (radio analytics, retargeting of viewers, etc.) always following on from what we have already initiated since our launch, but in order to support the current mutation ( and future) of the television market…

About Realytics

Website: www.realytics.io/fr

Blog: www.realytics.io/fr/blog/

Twitter: @realyticsio

Facebook: facebook.com/realyticsio

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/realytics

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The demand from pure-player advertisers is forcing the television ecosystem to undergo a major development, the end of 2015 which marks a thrill. Challenged by the growing competition from digital media, on the one hand, faced with the fragmentation of the audience, on the other hand, the chains and their advertising agencies build their first Data offers with the ambition of developing a universal and multi-support. This is where resources such as https://samba.tv/business/data/ can be useful for helping correlate television data, making it easier for companies to have an insight into what they need to do to reach various audiences.

Pure-player advertisers account for more than 20% of TV advertising investments and are driving a paradigm shift. Indeed, experienced in digital techniques and capacities, as flexible as they are volatile and accessible, these advertisers demand that the television market, more rigid, more limited and more expensive, must operate according to the same principles.

In this context, television advertising is forced to adapt and must prove its effectiveness. How? ‘Or’ What ? She must be:

1: Measurable

The television audience is no longer enough to report on the performance of a media plan. The second screen (mobile, tablet and laptop), which extends to homes and daily practices, and changes in the behavior of viewers (multi-tasking) open up new interactive scenarios, enriched and above all measurable. The crossover of TV and digital data makes it possible to measure the online incremental audience as the volume of conversions generated by a TV advertising campaign.

2: Optimizable

Thus measured, television proves its productivity and becomes optimizable. Each advertiser, the task of analyzing the viewers’ journey throughout their campaign, identifying the propensity of channels, time slots, weekdays, program contexts to generate turnover, acquisition of leads or new members, for example. Advertisers are now able to build their media planning on the basis of their own business metrics by choosing the media best able to recruit the audience likely to convert and transform. Television therefore emerged as one of the best Drive-to-Web vectors, in addition to its inherent capacity to build brand image, reputation and positioning.

3: Customizable and targeted

Technology is now able to deliver a message tailored to each audience segment on the digital media. As television becomes digital, the production companies are part of the same dynamic, like the TF1 group and its One Data offer. The combination of these segments, third-party technology data and advertiser CRM data, opens the way for the personalization of messages, the initiative of which will certainly be carried out initially by Internet service providers and their “triple play” offers. .

4: Accessible

Television will not escape the digitalization affecting its mode of purchasing space. In 2014, digital experienced the Real Time Bidding (RTB) revolution and, with it, targeting granularity, widening of the offer and, above all, total transparency of the value of advertising space. In the same vein, the French television market should experience the same developments as the American market, 4% of which is bought on RTB. The French market would gain in transparency and accessibility:

  • better control of the distribution of its offer;
  • increased readability for the arrival of new advertisers;
  • better visibility of demand;
  • simplification of the marketing process;
  • performance probably improved.

5: Integrated and mutable

Television will be fully integrated into digital marketing strategies in the same way as social networks, the web or mobile applications. Even today, few pure-player advertisers are aware that television offers acquisition costs similar to digital, and that the players and their methods of measuring the performance of TV advertising campaigns are opening up new amplification scenarios. the reach of campaigns through multi-channel and multi-support retargeting, in particular.

The year 2016 presents itself as a turning point in the transformation of the television advertising landscape. All actors will have to base or develop their expertise on data-driven innovations to meet the requirements of their customers. At the end of the day, regardless of the consumption of its content, television draws its strength from its ability to capture the attention of consumers and as such remains the first screen. It must continue to integrate the operating modes of the digital ecosystem to remain the most sought-after media for advertisers. We can count on its reactivity: television is not in its first revolution and has always known how to adapt to the constraints which, over time, imposed themselves on it.