▷ And 12 years for CWT Advertising & co’m :) Happy Birthday! 2020 -

A new year has just passed for CWT Advertising & co’m! In 2006, 12 years ago the site was born. These past 12 months have been an opportunity to continue to develop our services related to employment and training in digital marketing, it’s time to take stock …

If 2017 had been the opportunity to launch the latest version of our site as well as new services such as our Club & co’m online training and our Job & co’m jobboard, this year was placed under the sign a quality approach and new training courses for our Training & co’m organization.

Quality approach and new training offers

This is not necessarily seen, but major changes have been made in depth. We have started a quality approach which now allows people who follow our training in Paris to be:

1, sure to get a quality training ;

2, to have easier financing for their training.

We will tell you more in a few weeks, but our training “1 week to train in web marketing” is now certifying.

It prepares for certification ” Develop your business with web marketing Recognized by the CNCP for a few days, which will soon open up the possibility of using your CPF hours to follow the training while having the possibility of enhancing your CV via a recognized certification.

The quality approach did not stop there since our trainers are also ICPF & PSI certified (Institute for the Certification of Professionals in Training and the Provision of Intellectual Service) and we intend to continue in this direction to ensure a level of quality for our ever higher training.

At the same time, we have also just launched a new training course to become a trainer and develop our training activity, a new challenge for our training organization. Objective: help you monetize your expertise by becoming a trainer.

Thank you to our dear readers 🙂

Despite the passing years, many of you still read us. Over the past 12 months, more than 1.6 million have read us. Despite the decrease in the constant reach on social networks which reach a good number of media, the other channels, in progress, allow us to welcome you as many as ever 🙂

Thank you to you who regularly or occasionally read our articles.

Thank you also to our contributors, advertisers and partners

And a final thank you to our contributors, they are more than a hundred to offer you new content every day. And of course to our partners and advertisers who allow us to continue to work serenely. Without forgetting our super editorial project manager who runs our social networks and our network of editors for you on a daily basis: Niri.

Here is the balance sheet, happy birthday CWT Advertising & co’m! And see you in a year for the rest 🙂