▷ And the inspiring Instagram account of the moment is… 2020 -

Inspiration, Trends and News: the three keywords of the new Instagram account @Gettyimagesfrance!

It is by taking inspiration from its mission that Getty Images England launches its Instagram account focusing on impactful images, videos and illustrations.

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The principle: a theme is announced every week, according to a keyword used on the gettyimages site, a news or a visual trend. The publications of the week will focus on this theme, with each message, vision, inspiration. All subjects are covered: diversity, sport, festivals, music, archives, etc. The purpose of this Instagram account is to offer a new source of inspiration to creatives and businesses.

Creativity that makes sense

In order to offer a new source of inspiration to creatives and businesses, Getty Images England highlights the work of its photographers and videographers, by exposing their different visions on a subject, a trend.

A visual speaks, delivers a message, questions

The Instagram account goes beyond pretty pictures and gives visual ideas on current topics and market trends. What works in communication in 2019? What image for a difficult subject? What are the future visual trends?

Getty Images’ promise: to help you find THE right visual for each of your projects.

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