▷ And you, what is your Intimate Conviction? 2020 -

Back on the launch of the first Bi-media fiction project of the Franco-German chain Arte, launched since February 10 in partnership with Maha Productions and the digital agency Supergazol …

Immerse yourself in a real fake interactive trial!

At the start, a TV movie broadcast on the Arte channel which recounts the mysterious death of Manon Villers, found dead by a bullet in the head by her husband Paul (Philippe Torreton), medical examiner. The latter alerts the police … For the investigator, Captain Judith Lebrun (Camille Japy) of the PJ of Bayonne, the husband is an ideal culprit.

From there, the trial begins in the form of a digital device, available from February 10 to March 2 on arte.tv/intimeconviction and which offers Internet users the extension of this investigation. Intimate conviction tells, day after day on the web, Paul’s siege trial and offers internet users tools to form their own opinion: accident, suicide or murder?

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Thanks to the hearings and pleadings filmed in multi-cameras, the Internet user can react to the depositions and compare the evolution of his judgment with his peers. He is totally immersed in this fictitious court composed of actors (witnesses), real professional judges and the jury. The singularity of this pseudo trial lies in the total improvisation requested from all the actors as well as from the magistrates and the jury made up of six voluntary Internet users recruited upstream on arte.tv/intimeconviction.

Six cameras and fourteen microphones are placed around the courtroom to film these improvisations from elements donated by the production, but no script has been pre-written. We can highlight the performance of the actors and mainly that of Philippe Torreton who metamorphoses into Paul Villers.

An abundance of content for a total experience!

There are several ways to access this device: by going directly to the website, arte.tv/intimeconviction or by going to the tab on the Arte Facebook page which presents the teaser and invites you to join the audience. Once registered with his Facebook profile or via his email, we access all the elements to form his own opinion.Screen capture 2014-02-22 at 12.24.19

The first video opens on the trial and the presentation of the case. Very realistic and captivating, these videos make us feel the tension that increases as the trial progresses, with twists and turns. During the views, comments left by other Internet users appear on the timeline as well as elements of the survey such as maps, photos or calls.

We feel at the heart of a community from the first moments and we take the game of wanting to discover the detail that explains everything (if it exists), for example by using the power to change cameras to try to better see hidden angles: what does his look, his hands, etc. tell us? Besides, wouldn’t our opinion be the same without these comments from other readers who appear as they are viewed? Aren’t we also influenced by these opinions out of court?

After watching these videos, we have plenty of time to navigate to discover and unlock exhibits, form our opinion on the documents, photos, videos and many content developed for this experience and share our “Intimate Conviction” on social media as if we were one of the jurors. (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

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Take the time before March 2 to dive into this universe and learn a little more about the French judicial system because, as Arte CEO Veronique Cayla points out: “This is an extraordinary document on the functioning of justice in England: after that, your children will no longer say your honor, as in American TV movies ”. (article by Marion-Jeanne Lefebvre in strategy.fr)

Appointment on March 2 to attend the jury’s deliberation live, revealed at the same time as the internet users’ final vote.


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