▷ Are chatbots going to change the CM profession? 2021 -

The evolution of technology has changed many things in our daily lives. Automation has led to the suppression of many functions in industry, men have been replaced by machines. On the web, the future of community managers is currently on hold because of chatbots …

What are chatbots?

One of the inventions of this decade, the chatbot. It is a software robot that can interact with an individual from an automated conversation system.

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At the very beginning, the chatbot drew its ability to exchange from a foundation made up of questions and answers. A little later the inventions for natural language processing were born. This change allowed them to better understand and analyze conversations.

In practical terms, what places do chatbots hold?

They are often used as virtual agents on a sales platform, social networks. If we talk about intelligent assistance, chatbots become voicebots.

We call conversational bot, chatbots serving as customer support or those which respond to relationship marketing. On the other hand, if they are used for order taking, these robots are called transactional chatbots.

A community manager is a community animator on the internet, he works for a brand or for a company.

His role ?

The main role of a CM is the administration of notoriety and the promotion of the image or the brand on the internet. To do this, he must develop his community by motivating members to debate and exchange. However, the CM also assures the role of moderator and watchman in order to have control over everything that will be said within his community. Indeed, if the debates are not controlled, they can have the opposite effect and damage the image of the company.

His tasks?

Different methods are used so that the community manager can carry out his mission.

  • The publication: viral images, advice;
  • Announcement of events;
  • Promotion of videos, slogans.

In order to be successful, a CM must interact with their community in an intelligent way, exploiting their needs.

Chatbots will they make CM disappear?

Lately, it has been noted that the press has talked a lot about the possible abolition of the profession of community manager. It is also a fear for almost all employees in the sector. However, it is not necessarily a question of substitution, these two actors can be complementary.

Most businesses use chatbots

Economically, no one can deny it, it’s obvious: chatbots allow the company to save more money. Indeed, they animate over 24 hours, at no additional cost. At the start of this invention, these virtual agents were not very efficient with their automatic and hesitant responses. Currently, they are more “human”. However, when faced with a customer’s dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction, there is little that chatbots can do.

Chatbots will never be humans

Although technology may have invented, chatbots can never take the place of men. They cannot feel empathy or compassion or even understand an irony or a joke. To reassure, you have to be human to do it. Especially since prospects want personalized responses, not well-prepared scripts.

A concrete example ?

Take as an example the customer of a bank who lost his bank card. The chatbot can very well be programmed to consider the request as well as give the necessary information or procedures. But he cannot express his compassion or reassure the client, it is the job of a community manager.

A fruitful association

And if we look at the situation from another point of view, it is clear that these two actors can work together for better results. Having an automated assistant might just make things easier. Especially for those who are overwhelmed or who don’t work on weekends. Automatic and repetitive tasks can be performed by the chatbot. It would also be an opportunity for the CM to relax.

The work of CMs is not always pleasant. Indeed, they suffer insults, contemptible remarks from dissatisfied customers. Their association with chatbots would then be beneficial and strategic for their morale. When the host removes these bad comments, the chatbot takes care of making contact with those who were unhappy. The aim is to reduce the bad “atmosphere”.

A good helper

The chatbot can be a very good assistant for the community manager. Indeed, 80% of messages from customers can be processed by the software robot. The remaining 20% ​​will be handled by the community manager, with real added value.

The best CM productivity

By programming chatbots to ensure repetitive tasks, the CM would have more time to focus on the development of his community. But also, it could well take care of the complex requests and questions posed by Internet users. In short, therefore, with the help of chatbots, the community manager could better focus on tasks with high added value.

The other advantages of chatbots

Apart from the reduced allocated cost, chatbots have a number of advantages for the business.

  • Responsiveness: the software robot responds immediately to Internet users. And if the questions or requests are complex, he can at least collect the basic information that the CM would need such as name, contact…;
  • Availability: the chatbot is available at any time of the day. This is an advantage since customers, especially B To C customers, most often make contact outside of office hours;
  • Easy to use: for companies, it does not require specific supports. Whether for a tablet or a computer, on a website or on social networks or even in voice, the chatbot can be used;
  • Adaptable: the response it sends is adapted according to the history of the conversation;
  • Multilingual: obviously, he can speak many languages.