Let’s first recall the usefulness of setting up a VPN between your computer and the web world. A good VPN, or Virtual Private Network, guarantees your security and your anonymity when using the Internet. It installs on your various connected devices and allows you to have access to foreign channels and programs like Netflix US, CNN, HBO, etc. bypassing any geographic censorship. You can watch quality movies in HD streaming and safely download your favorite programs via Torrent in P2P…

The effective and reassuring presence of a good caretaker comes at a cost, however. However, most VPN providers often offer free alternatives. So, are these offers really free and, if so, are they really effective? We will try in this article to answer these recurring questions.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network based on a tunneling protocol. Between the entry and exit of the tunnel software, the data is encrypted by cryptographic algorithms. So when you send a request via a VPN, this request goes through the VPN tunnel to a remote access server (or VPN server) which is responsible for receiving the request, managing it and sending you the response. .

All data and information flowing between your device and the VPN server is encrypted. They are therefore made inaccessible and indecipherable by a third party. Your IP address is hidden and your navigation can no longer be traced. Your privacy is protected and your security is assured.

There are many advantages to using a VPN:

  • Data encryption
    As the Data traffic between you and your VPN is encrypted, your anonymity is guaranteed. Protecting your identity means that no one, not even your internet service provider, can access your data or know the sites you visit.
  • Free access to a range of global programs, Netflix, HBO, etc.
    You have free access to everything the web offers you around the world. You can bypass legislative or political restrictions, but also geographic censorship in China, Iran or other countries. You are free to watch your favorite programs (HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Canal +, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) from anywhere in the world.
  • Torrents Downloads
    You can continue to download your programs and movies via Torrent in P2P without risking being subject to the restrictions imposed by French law. You are safe from all possible lawsuits relating to copyright infringement. It’s up to you to know how to use it without abusing it.
  • Hidden location
    Your IP address being masked and replaced by another, your location is preserved. No one will be able to follow your steps on the web.
  • Access to public wifi networks
    You can safely access public wifi networks without risking being spied on or hacked by another user.
  • Speed ​​of bandwidth
    By going through a nearby VPN server, you have access to excellent bandwidths, often faster than the connection offered by your ISP.
  • Protection against viruses
    The VPN protects you from the main attacks of viruses and other Malware that will no longer run on your device. Attacks will directly target the remote server, which has many more sophisticated protocols than yours to provide its own protection.

What are free VPNs worth?

So, free or paid? Difficult for a novice to tell the difference when both use a link to a server that changes your IP address to access the web. Yet the resemblance ends there.

Many free offers are designed on simple computers turned into servers, devices that are not that different from yours. The security and maintenance necessary for the service offered to you are not guaranteed and if the computer-server is damaged, it is your own security that is compromised.

Here are the main reasons why we do not recommend
using a free VPN:

  • Limited speed
    Your speed will be limited and will quickly make any navigation difficult to bear, especially if downloaded. Streaming can be difficult or impossible.
  • Low level of security
    The level of security which is one of the major challenges of any good VPN may not be up to par. Protecting yourself in a lasting and effective way requires the establishment of significant material, technological and human infrastructures. It is certainly impossible to offer such a service without any remuneration. A VPN worthy of the name now provides military grade protection with AES-256 bit encryption.
  • No Kill Switch
    On the other hand, the free offers do not have the Kill Switch which equips the majority of good paid offers. If your VPN protection drops you in full P2P download (which can happen, whatever your VPN offer), then your IP address will be visible and therefore exposed. The function of the Kill Switch is to automatically cut you off from the internet to protect you.
  • Limited bandwidth
    Your bandwidth will be limited to around 500MB per month, which is the equivalent of a serial episode or a few YouTube videos, and you’ll quickly go around.
  • Your logs are kept
    Paid VPNs do not keep any of your logs to ensure total protection of your anonymity in the event of checks. This is not the case for free offers for which the resale of your data constitutes one of the main sources of income.
  • A very limited offer of countries
    A free VPN cannot afford to give you access to more than 5 foreign servers when paid VPNs can offer you thousands. The offer that is offered to you is accordingly. This will make it difficult for you to access countries like China and channels like Netflix US from England.
  • Nonexistent customer support
    Finally, one of the strengths of a good VPN provider is its customer support which, in the case of a free one, will in most cases be just poor. It is obviously impossible to set up a team of competent technicians 24/7 without any remuneration.

Free VPNs with a paid offer

However, there may be times when you need a
occasional VPN protection, in the case of a business trip
or a vacation trip, to China for example. Know that suppliers
VPNs generally offer to test their services for free on a
average of 30 days during which you can withdraw. It is
more than enough to meet a short-term need and good
way to experience the quality of a supplier’s services.

Here is a small list of VPNs that fall into this

  • CyberGhost, HidemyAss and PrivateVPN offer offers for less than € 6 per month, CyberGhost having a 45-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to benefit from their services for free during this period. All three have a comprehensive offering for your protection and anonymity, as well as good global coverage of up to 2964 servers for CyberGhost.
  • NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the two big market leaders, with offers of more than € 6 per month. You will have access to many applications with a simple interface and efficient customer service. Note that ExpressVPN currently has the fastest connection on the market.

As you will have understood, we strongly recommend the use of a free VPN service when it comes to ensuring your security and anonymity in the web world. Trust the services of a professional and take the time to compare and test the different offers offered by those who have already won the trust of millions of users. Navigate freely on the web and take advantage of all the possibilities that the internet offers you with complete peace of mind.

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