▷ Are Google My Business Reviews useful or not? 2020 -

Google My business is one of Google’s tools for businesses, artisans and the liberal professions. Today, a good number of companies are launching the collection of opinions from their customers in order to optimize their file and hope for better visibility. But is this really the case?

Do the opinions and comments on our files influence our referencing in the local pack and at the same time the turnover?

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The answer is yes…

A study was carried out on 200,000 establishments by SaaS provider Womply. Its objective was to show the correlation between the opinions and the income generated by small companies of different activity sectors like restaurants, doctors, lawyers, shops, hairdressers, freelancers …

Womply found a correlation between the opinions, the presence
online and income generated by businesses.

The results ?

To summarize, the study shows that:

  • Establishments that respond to their reviews have on average 35% more revenue than the others. You would think that Google rewards companies that are active and professional.

I was able to try this technique and it brought me 31% more traffic to my Google My Business listing as you can see.

  • Establishments with a rating between 3.5 and 4.5 stars outperform those with 5 or less than 3.5. Obviously we’re attracted to good ratings, but Google is the exception to the rule. A note that is too low scares off, but a note that is too high creates doubt among the Internet user, no establishment is perfect. So the optimal score is between 3.5 and 4.5 stars. That doesn’t mean you have to race against bad reviews, but rather that you don’t create fake reviews that will be spotted by Google
  • Establishments with a higher than average number of reviews generate 54% more turnover. The number is apparently very important for Google, the more your customers post reviews and the more you will be valued. Do not panic, you can improve your opinion acquisition thanks to the newness of Google on short links. This short link takes you directly to the notice section of your listing.

Not convinced ? If you type “Jamey Lee SEO consultant on Google”, you will find a Google listing with 25 reviews, 4 times more reviews than my colleagues in SEO.

To conclude, you must take time to improve your online e-reputation strategy. Google is the first platform we’re looking to make a decision to go to a business near you. Getting advice is an additional task, but a great return on investment. If you want to be top notch locally, start with the reviews.

Please note, reviews are not the only elements to take into account when arriving in the pack. There are several other factors to optimize your local SEO.