▷ Are you getting started? Think above all "positioning" 2020 -

The launching of a company or a product, is irremediably the result of an opportunity study also known as a marketing study, external audit, environmental study, etc. The objective of this upstream reflection consists in defining all the opportunities that will ensure the success of this launch…

Among them, positioning is a truly crucial step to integrate a market. I suggest you take stock of this fundamental step in your launch.

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But what is it ?

Positioning a product or a brand means defining its representation in the minds of consumers. It is to direct what they know, believe and feel about this “image”.

It is about allowing the product (or the brand) to acquire a personality which will distinguish it / it from the competition.

The term “positioning” covers three ideas

  • An intention : this is the place the company wants to have in the mind of the consumer (from a marketing point of view);
  • A process : this is the target position allowing the implementation of several decisions (product characteristics, price, etc.);
  • A result : this is the image perceived by the consumer.

It is thanks to this result – and the analysis of the positive and negative points – that you will be able to orient the right communication strategy to your business.

NB: A positioning never changes, except in exceptional cases (often linked to technological advances or a new mode of consumption by users).

To define your positioning, you must follow several steps:

  1. I analyze the product or the brand, to bring out the arguments that will be used to create the communication media;
  2. I examine the attitude and expectations of consumers, in order to meet their needs as closely as possible;
  3. I study the offer of competitors, and therefore their positioning in order to differentiate myself;
  4. I locate the most desirable position and therefore the most suitable for my offer;
  5. I identify my best target (is it: women? Men? Children? …);
  6. I determine the category in which to reference my product (supermarket, specialized store, or high-end place?);
  7. I isolate the major or main “attribute” which will then be used in my communication;
  8. I determine the best means of communication to use.

Your positioning must translate this into 2 words or a sentence.

Check that you have positioned yourself correctly

Finally, you have to check that your positioning is correct. To do this, simply answer a few questions: starting with “My positioning …”

  • is it attractive? (advantages over competitors)
  • is it distinctive? (I stand out from my competitors, am I very different)
  • is it credible? that is to say accepted by my future clients. For this point, it is necessary to know the real qualities of the product and the consistency with the history of the company.
  • does it have the assurance of being sustainable? that is to say to last over time.

It is common in the communication and marketing professions to use mapping in order to check the relevance of a positioning like this:


If you view your business or product in the midst of many others, your positioning is irrelevant.

If the latter is isolated (but not too much), then you have made the right choice!