▷ Are you innovating? Communicate in pictures! 2020 -

Is innovation at the heart of your activity? Don’t forget to communicate! Here are 4 tips to highlight them through visuals…

Be educational with the image

Communicating well on your innovations is first of all explaining what inventions consist of. What is your new product for? How will the user be able to use it? What are its features? So many complex questions that need to be communicated quickly and simply.

To get there, the right reflex is to use visual communication. From childhood, you learn through images. Because our brain analyzes them faster and easier than it can with words, they are your best allies.

The example to follow: La Poste and its home parcel recovery service

To unveil its new Colissimo service, La Poste has created a very simple animation video in which it explains in less than 1 minute the concept of letterbox shipping, its usefulness and its instructions for use.

Optimize the amount of visuals

Deploy your communication campaign on complementary communication channels. To speak on your website, on social networks, in emailing and in print, the best solution is to multiply the visuals available. These different resources will prove to be very useful during your fundraising campaigns.

The example to follow: Wired Beauty, and its MAPO smart mask

MAPO: the first connected beauty mask

To illustrate the fundraising campaign for its MAPO connected mask on Kickstarter, the startup Wired Beauty has created several visual content. Photographs, schematic illustrations and inspirational videos allow the consumer to really project themselves in the use of the product.

Do not miss the essential mentions

The following will make your speaking as professional as it is precise.
It is therefore important to mention:

The example to follow: Withings, and its smart alarm clock Aura

The launch video for Aura, Withings’ smart alarm clock, is a compendium of good practices. Each compulsory mention is naturally integrated into the speaking.

Involve the consumer as a content creator (UGC)

Why not surf the launch of your product to implement a strategy of visual content generated by your users on social networks? The technique has proven itself: 85% of users of social networks find that the visual content generated by Internet users is much more valuable than the photos or videos broadcast by the brand.

The example: GoPro and its HERO6 camera

Since the launch of GoPro, the company’s communication strategies have been organized around user-generated content. Proof of the effectiveness of the technique, the brand repeats the experience on the occasion of the release of the HERO6. The promotional video is made up of images filmed by GoPro influencers.

In 2016, more than 16,000 patent applications were filed with the National Institute of Intellectual Property. Suffice to say that French companies have innovation pegged to the body. It will therefore be necessary to be remarkable to attract the attention of your market. As you can see, innovation AND communication go hand in hand. It’s up to you to match!