▷ Audio transcription: a freelance job accessible to all! 2020 -

If you want to start an online business as a Freelance or just to build up an additional income, some jobs require technical and professional skills which make them difficult to access for beginners, such as Developer jobs (which create sites web or apps) of web project manager or graphic designer for example. While others are so easy that they require little skill – and material – like becoming a Web Writer or (re) transcriptionist. And it is precisely this last profession that we will talk about in this article …

1) Transcription / transcription difference

If you want to get started in this niche, you will hear about voice transcription and transcription. What is it about ? What is the difference between both ? Transcription, which is a very common technique, consists, when you have an audio file, of listening to it to transform its content into a text file.

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Voice transcription, on the other hand, is when you speak and transcription is done at the same time to transform your words into text. Note that Google drive, for example, offers this function in the menu “Tools / voice input” from Google Doc. To transcribe or transcribe voice, there is a large number of software, most are paid and often almost all in English. However, the ones I’m going to show you in the rest of the article are free and very easy to learn.

2) The conditions for entering the profession

You need a PC of course, good headphones, a lot of elbow grease – if you want to make money – and good spelling, that’s very important. In addition, if you want to work with certain sites specialized in transcription, these will require that you have a certain typing speed and you will pass a transcription test where you will have to have a speed of 40 words per minute.

You will also find that almost all transcription / transcription sites are in English (to my great regret!) And almost none of them make the effort to offer a French version. And for francophones who do not master English like me, the possibilities are actually quite limited, and this is not normal.

You will have to turn to 3 sites which are micro-services marketplaces intended for Freelancers: 5 euros.com Alfange work and Malt (ex-Hopwork). Otherwise, few freelancers think about it, but it can also be worth posting your service offers on Leboncoin.fr which offers a “service delivery” category.

3) Transcription with YouTube

Did you know that YouTube offers a similar function to help you with your transcriptions? More precisely, YouTube offers a captioning function for your videos. On the one hand, it makes them accessible to the hearing impaired, but in addition, it allows the indexing robots to be able to read the content of your video and therefore to improve its referencing, Google being able to read only the text.

To enable closed captioning on your videos, click the “caption” icon just next to the gear. If the subtitling is not displayed in French, click on the gear. Then in the “subtitles” section, click on the small arrow, and in the drop-down list of languages, choose French. And There you go ! You can also use voice transcription software for a more professional result.

4) Free transcription software

I told you about it above, I will present two free software to do transcription or voice transcription. But be aware that there is currently no software that transcribes an audio file that you download, it only works with voice recognition of the voice.


Recordsense is a site accessible online. It will allow you to make your transcriptions by making your task easier. This is the solution that I am using now. For this, you must be in possession of the audio file to be transcribed. First, download it from the interface to synchronize it with your Google drive by clicking on “Open audio file”. Once this is done, you can start transcribing your file manually by launching listening using the buttons on the audio player that appears.

It has a voice retarder function (speed) to transcribe the file at your own pace in case the speech rate is too high for you. To start or pause, click the first button in the shape of an arrow to the right (ESC). You can then save your output file either on Google drive or download it to your PC with the buttons on the right. Notice that you also have a word counter in the column on the right.


The second software that I recommend for voice transcription is Dictation.io It is also 100% free and available online. The interface is again minimalist, but it does the job pretty well! Click on the button “START DICTATION” to start voice transcription and you’re talking at the same time. Press it again if you want to pause. Then, once your work is done, you can save the text file by clicking on SAVE.

5) Transcription / transcription prices

The big question when you start as a freelancer is always: “How to set my rates? “. There are two schools: those who prefer to work with an hourly rate and those who prefer flat rate pricing. In the medium of transcription, the majority of professionals however choose the first solution with invoicing by the minute. Thus, the prices for audio transcription are of the order of 2 to 3 € per minute. Some also charge a flat rate in stages of duration. Ex .: € 20 for 15 minutes, € 40 for 30 minutes, etc.

It’s up to you to choose the billing method that suits you. For my part, I chose the invoicing by the minute, which seems to me to be the most suitable.

Well, I hope this article has helped you if you want to start a career in transcription / transcription. If however you have a need and you are looking for someone to do this sometimes tedious work, call on my services which I present to you here: https://alfange.work/my-listing-jobs/

Article written by Cédric, Web editor and audio transcriptionist, find it on his blog: https: //redacteurtranscripteur.blogspot.fr