▷ Automation and referencing: an obvious clash? The Scrapebox case 2020 -

The association or rather the confrontation between the “clean” referencing (I leave it to you to interpret the quotes here) and the use of automation software is a false pretense that always has a hard life in the field of SEO. While many still think that the “Scrapebox and co” are strictly reserved for spam specialists, there is little mention in the end of the usefulness of this kind of software which can save time and efficiency for any SEO …We will mainly rely here on Scrapebox, which crystallizes and brings together the most debates, even if the article could apply to other softs.

Where does this negative image come from?

One of the first reasons is undoubtedly linked to the population which initially took the software, for spamming purposes (even if it is often combined with other software such as LFE Sick Submitter, etc., Scrapebox often being useful for a first research work). That doesn’t make it Black Hat software, but he has never been able to get rid of that “negative” image that he is credited with.

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The popular rumor and the bad faith of certain professionals made it possible to maintain this reputation, even if over the years, Scrapebox has found an attentive ear with a large number of SEOs, whatever their path …

Why is it wrong?

Of course this reputation is false! It is as false as it is ridiculous for a simple reason: software is not “spammy” or black hat, it is the way you use it that is! For comparison, the car can be a deadly thing, but it is still a means of transportation if used intelligently and with caution.

The functionality of Scrapebox therefore does not just amount to generating blog comments, and it is quite possible to find concrete applications in the daily tasks of a SEO, whether in an agency, freelance or at ‘advertiser.

What can we do with Scrapebox?

We will take here 3 concrete examples of tasks which can be automated with Scrapebox, and which will allow you to save precious time without flirting with the yellow line of Google (bouuuuh).

Looking for partners

There is nothing more time consuming than finding links, and partners in particular. In this kind of situation Scrapebox can prove to be a useful ally, thanks to a very simple functionality: the recovery of email addresses. Indeed, from a list of URLs, a basic functionality of the software allows you to automatically retrieve contact emails found on this site (and thus avoid having to find them). Even if this does not apply to all sites (what about those where you can only contact via the contact form), it will save you precious time.

Ditto on other criteria like the Page Rank analysis of your future partners. With one click, you can retrieve the Page Rank of hundreds of pages simply. You just have to go find other info using other tools like ahrefs, and you can quickly qualify your partners before contacting them.

Find articles to comment

I’m going to be told, “Yes, but spamming articles with Scrapebox is dirty and risky today! “. But who said to do it:

  1. On 5,000 sites in one click;
  2. Without respecting simple rules of quality.

You are free to make a list of 10 to 20 hyper qualified articles (it’s up to you to find the right footprint upstream), on which you will add your comment by hand (Srapebox has a functionality to do this manually by visiting each URL found), with a real comment, which will please the author of the article, who will not be moderated and who will earn you a quality link.

Analyze the meta / whois / indexing state of several pages

This applies more here to the analysis of your competitors, but you may very well have to retrieve whois data from several domains, or meta from your competitors’ pages to analyze their optimization and SEO strategy. Again, Scrapebox offers addons and features that allow this in a few clicks / seconds. Why deprive yourself of it?

Hopefully, this article will allow some to discover or rediscover this software which definitely deserves its nickname of “Swiss knife” of SEO. Even if we do not hide that there is a time to take into account to take into account, it should quickly find a place among your favorite tools …

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