▷ Awareness: Do your customers think of you? 2020 -

Do you know your notoriety? Do your customers think of you first when they want to buy a product or hire a service? Last December, I shared an article with you to help you develop your notoriety thanks to digital. Today, I would like to go further with this new article …

Namely: there are four types of notoriety to be determined with the target concerned and potential customers to define the brand identity. (Wikipedia source)

To discover the different types of notoriety and thus better understand them, we are going to imagine ourselves in a market place, in the midst of onlookers, armed with a team of pollsters, and ready to go hunting for information.

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A little clarification before going into the details of the article: the characters I have chosen are there only to contextualize the article. They in no way play a role in the choice of different notoriety.

Is your notoriety spontaneous?

We are in our market place and you ask the first question: ” Hello Madam, I am carrying out a small survey. Can you give me 3 names of brands? “

Spontaneously, the person will cite 3 names of names that come to mind. This is calledhas spontaneous notoriety.

Is your notoriety “top of mind”?

Imagine that the lady named these 3 names:

  • Carrefour Market;
  • The postal bank ;
  • Jean-Louis David.

As “Carrefour Market” is the brand named first by the lady, we can imagine that it is a notoriety “top of mind” (the first name that comes to mind) for this sign.

Is your notoriety assisted?

We are still in our market place. You thank the lady for answering your question and you go to another person. This time it’s a young man under the age of 30: ” Hello young man. I would like to ask you a question: do you know these 3 brands:

  • Apple Store;
  • Jules;
  • Nicolas. “

Whatever the young man’s response is not the most important. The key to understanding the term assisted notoriety is the fact that you mentioned these 3 brands in your question.

Is your notoriety qualified?

Let’s stay with our young man and analyze his response. He has answered : “Yes, I know these 3 brands well, especially the Apple Store, because I just bought the iPhone 6.”

What do you notice ? In answering this question, he just named the name of one of these 3 brands and added “iPhone 6”, so he knows one of his products.

This is called, a qualified notoriety. Going further, we can say that this young man identifies with the brand and appropriates it as a center of interest.

How can you measure brand awareness?

For the purpose of this article, I have voluntarily chosen to speak of a survey by staging it on a marketplace. But it could have been emailed to a list of subscribers following the broadcast of an advertising campaign. Beyond the advertising aspect of this campaign, it also has a role to play in measuring brand awareness.

Finally, it is important to know your company’s e-reputation and brand image in order to measure your notoriety in a relevant way.