▷ [B2B] How to optimize your prospecting thanks to data? 2020 -

Finding new customers remains a major challenge for any business. And in the b2b sector, data can make all the difference…

Any marketing campaign begins with a simple and yet decisive prerequisite: the creation of a good prospecting file.

You can put in place the best product offer there is, the most creative supports and the most successful conversion mechanisms, if you do not send your message to the right people, your approach will be doomed to failure.

In this detailed and pragmatic white paper, Manageo delivers essential keys to design and make the most of your B2B prospecting lists, in order to generate additional turnover more efficiently.

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Contents of this guide:

  1. How to build your business file for your prospecting?
  2. How to effectively use your B2B prospecting file?
  3. What is the lifespan of a prospecting file?

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Article written in collaboration with Manageo