▷ B2B influence marketing: which collaboration to choose? 2020 -

Collaborating with a B2C influencer will never really be the same as collaborating with a B2B influencer. If in the first case, the collaboration involves influencers mainstream, ubiquitous on YouTube and social networks and whose product placement may be sufficient, the second case mainly involves professionals in the field. The nature of the B2B marketing partnership must therefore be as optimal as possible and be relevant and effective: indeed, they will be aimed on the one hand at an informed audience, but not only.

Booming but not yet fully developed (in 2017, 15% of B2B companies had an influencer marketing program), there are several ways to cooperate with a B2B influencer.

Who is the B2B influencer?

As mentioned earlier, the B2B influencer is one who is authoritative in his field. We will refer to him as a person of know-how and skills, significant details, even essential in this kind of alliance. No need to look for it in the bath of macro or even mega influencers. This will most often be a micro-influencer, holding an engaged audience of the order of 1000 to 10,000 subscribers. It is because one is certain that he already has a real dialogue with an active community, that he can be considered authentic and that he can be trusted.

While in B2C, we will appeal to the consumer’s affect (empathy, sincerity, sympathy), in B2B we will favor his intellect. The interest is to be able to answer a problem on a given subject in a given sector. In both of these areas, influencers are considered KOLs (or Key opinion leaders); but for the presentation of the service or product to be credible in B2B, these KOLs will take on the features of internal experts in their field, recognized authorities in their industry, analysts, consultants and even customers. As Yann Gourvennec points out: “Influence in B2B is the result of experience, field and expertise”.

So do not be mistaken during the collaborative process: the research will be done by the spectrum not of the quantitative but of the qualitative. The main thing is to achieve an educational analysis but also to attract new customers: cooperating with an influencer of this ilk also means giving him visibility.

Which partnership should be favored?

It is not a question here of saying that it will be the best collaboration to apply (because it does not exist), but of proposing solutions in a relationship which, ideally, must remain lasting.

Note that in B2B, even if this possibility exists, there is generally no question of remuneration per se: it will most often be an exchange of good procedures where both parties find their accounts.

The testimony and the interview

Generally exempt from any payment, both allow you to highlight the figure of the industry that represents you. In most cases, this will be a win-win deal for you on the one hand and for the influencer on the other.

In the first case, the testimony will help support the subject of the last article that you published by gathering its analysis and knowledge. Most: the high probability of relaying the article on its social networks, offering a strong reach.

In the second case, the interview will highlight a key influencer. If it is possible to find an interesting face among micro-influencers, the need for “compensation” remains an existing risk if you prefer a representative of a larger size.

The guest post or guest post

Guest blogging is one of the most impactful marketing strategies in B2B. By giving the reins of writing one or more article (s) to a renowned influencer, you authorize him to put himself forward on your platform. It is entirely possible to suggest a subject to it, by giving it as much latitude as possible in the adjustments, or even leave it the choice of another subject.

The guest post is not without compensation, however, and can be done in both directions: if an influencer can become an editor on your platform for the duration of a post, you can also offer him a full article for his blog, written by a member of your company.

Link sharing

This is a little known system, which involves the influencer sharing your content on their site on a regular basis (for example three times a week).

A simple method but which requires remuneration despite everything, depending on the importance and the commitment it receives on its content.

The sponsored article

The format may appear original. However, it allows the blogger to keep his editorial line (if that is what you want to highlight), to talk about your product or your brand and to publish the article normally, without any imposed form. It is possible to negotiate the ticket either directly with the influencer or through a connecting platform, such as getfluence.com.

Using platforms to connect advertisers and influential sites is often advised because it is much more practical and simpler, especially if you are looking for the influencer most suited to what you offer.

With a site like getfluence.com, not only do you have the ability to find the influencer you need, but you also increase your visibility through sponsored articles. A wide range of influential sites is offered to you on the platform (up to 3000 publishers!), Corresponding to your needs. You are free to choose the site or sites on which you wish to be broadcast, as you can let the team of getfluence.com or identify them for you.

In addition, the platform offers you complete monitoring of your sponsored article. After confirming the collaboration with the publisher, you give them your instructions for writing or you write your ticket yourself. Following the publication of the article, you can follow its performance. Whatever happens, the getfluence.com team is present at each of these stages.

The result of this association is a win-win deal as recommended for any good association in this genre: you gain traffic, notoriety as well as SEO and the publisher, meanwhile, receives attractive remuneration.

If you choose this partnership, the ideal is to repeat the experience regularly. Indeed, it will give credibility and perpetuate your relationship. Also, purchasing decisions in B2B are not as immediate as those in B2C. Frequent publication of articles will help potential buyers to decide and follow the reasoning behind the product.

The brand ambassador

The highest level of cooperation. The influencer becomes the face of your brand, exclusively, officially and for the long term.

The beginnings of a collaboration are preferable in order to guarantee the compatibility of the person with the values ​​and the product that you offer.

Do not neglect your employees and collaborators! They are experts in their field and likely to have a large communication network in your trade. “Brand media” according to Guillaume Mikowski, president of Brainsonic, they share all the news from your box on social networks. For this, it is necessary to engage the policy of “employee advocacy”, the practice of which is starting to gain ground in England.

If this is still a start, B2B Influencer Marketing remains to be explored and is likely to bear fruit. Whichever one you favor, it should not be forgotten that this association must be balanced for both parties, and that it will therefore be more judicious to initiate the partnership which will be the most favorable on both sides. other.

Article written in collaboration with getfluence.com