Today’s week of links ends on Google Webmaster Central Blog. Finally, the subject of backlinks is discussed. In addition to bringing visits to our site, backlinks can improve its Pagerank, one of the factors taken into account in the ranking algorithm of Google …

Google backlinks

How backlinks influence the positioning algorithm …
The algorithm takes into account more than 200 signals to rank the sites, these signals include the content of the site, outgoing links, the geographic location of the site and many other elements including inbound links / backlinks. The concept is to offer the user the most relevant results in relation to their query.

banniere atelier google loves me

This applies to inbound links, so these must be relevant for them to contribute to improve pagerank. Google gives an example via the diagram above. The site has three backlinks, one of which is from a site considered spam by Google. Google is not going to penalize the site because it has links from a spam site, it will just take into account the other two links to estimate the popularity of the site.

How to increase links to my site …
Here are some ideas for getting the valuable backlinks:

  • Start a blog, put videos, original articles on a regular basis.
  • Teach your visitors new things they have not seen elsewhere, have original content.
  • Contribute to other blogs in your industry, in other words: leave comments.
  • Offer an original service.

You can follow the links pointing to your site via Google Webmaster Tools.

To conclude…
Nothing new in the advice given this week by Google. They still have the merit of putting things clearly. If we still had doubts that blogs are a good way to increase its visibility in engines, Google makes it clear.

And you what are your techniques to get backlinks?