▷ Bad Entrepreneurial Mini-Guide 2020 -
Poor or rich, employee or entrepreneur,
we are all entitled to it. Bad days put everyone on a
Equality. Well almost…

I’m going to share with you what I put in place when one of them falls on me to make it as useful as a typical day : my specialty is entrepreneurial well-being.

You shall not pass!

We all know this scene: awake but courageous, perhaps having previously spilled his coffee or missed his train, you start to work despite the slight sensation to be in bad shape.

A few minutes later when, much more easily than it should have, a feeling of frustration rises in you and the slight sensation turns into a doubt more insistent.

Then occurs shortly after the second outburst of anger expressed in the form of a “Damn i’m really pissing off the asshole, shit! “, accompanied by a fist on the table that definitely confirms that this day is going to be very long.

This is when you should
stop you immediately. I know (they tell me every time), you have
deadlines, it has to go ahead, who will if I don’t, coughed

Problem (I say it every time), work
in these conditions is like shooting yourself in the foot:

  • These days generally occur during a lack of energy;
  • The slightest effort will drain your scarce resources in no time;
  • So you don’t have enough left to continue to make effective decisions, stay focused and positive, control your nerves, etc. ;
  • The work that you produce will come out completely sloppy, and you have surely already seen it, to redo.

So your deadlines, unless they are for the same day or the next day, you better keep them waiting. Not to mention that by striving, you only risk compromising much more than a single day of work:

During these days, we see
negatively everything we touch and these pessimistic ideas can
subsist for a long time, sometimes even leading, accumulated, to a dark period
doubts where our projects will be mistreated.

In addition to avoiding this, you stop all of
following will allow you to take the rest and the retreat necessary for
maybe, get your good humor back and get back to it before the end of the
day (which happens to me about half of the time).

If you have certain constraints like appointments, try to set aside a little time (just half an hour) to do the following. The rest of your day will be more productive and less … Chaotic.

The pen or the keyboard?

Writing makes it possible to probe one’s thoughts, and better

Sit quietly, comfortably, with
a hot drink if you wish. Enter paper or computer and note
whatever comes into your head.

No need to be built or anything
it would be. If you don’t know what to write, answer these kind of questions:

What is bothering me, worrying me?
What problems do I have? What was the trigger for
my bad mood? Why did I react like this? etc.

By seeking to express and formulate what you think, you allow yourself to better understand what’s wrong, in addition to getting you out of the noggin. You’ll see, it’s going to clear your mind, and you’ll feel a little better.

The step back caused by vision
that you get from your thoughts will improve your ability to detach yourself
emotionally, and to solve all the little worries that trot you in
the head.

Then, once your source of inspiration
dry up, list your biggest concerns and think about solutions.
It is very likely that you have already found some in

If one or more of them has exhilarated you, this is a very good sign. Put them in place without further delay. If not, wait a bit. You must observe the little energy boost which I talk about in the next point.

Positive brain ignition

After completing the previous task, you
should have a better idea of ​​why this bad mood, or
less, what worries you.

Look for solutions to your hassles on the net, in books, or, better, on Omvi, where I strive to design anything that could help you unlock this kind of situation.

Learn feeds your brain, him
give other grains to grind than the negative side of the problems in which you
are blocked and lets see them from a different angle.

You may have already noticed, falling
on some interesting new knowledge arouses in you a kind

Don’t stop until you find this
click that will give you a little balance. Do not hesitate to look at everything and
anything, because it can happen even when you learn something
that has nothing to do with what puts you in a bad mood.

This will give you the little boost shot expected. If it is applicable knowledge, a solution to implement, do not wait
more and do what has to be done.

If it’s a principle, something more
abstract as a certain philosophy of life that allowed you to see the
Otherwise, keep learning more.

In either case, hopefully,
positive brain activity will allow you to mentally process
and subconsciously your other worries. This will unlock your good mood definitely for the day and as promised you can continue to
to work.

Warning: avoid the disappointment of
see your expectations disappointed (which will definitely bury your day)
keeping in mind that what you put in place will not work


It’s not
systematic, but all of this allows me most of the time, at best, to
going back to work in a good mood, at worst, going to bed with the
satisfaction of a busy day, or at least, where I have progressed:
so not useless what.

I you
invite you to try all of this and then build your own routine.

I think that
the only common point that should remain between mine and yours would be
stopping working to identify and resolve what’s wrong.

The shape will be different depending on each one: some prefer to walk, meditate, or even go eat a good restaurant! It doesn’t matter if it is more or less effective, the most important is that this activity suitable.

You can keep this mini guide warm so you can take it out when you need it!

However, the simplest thing is to do everything to avoid this micmac. As an entrepreneur, you are more likely to experience these kinds of days frequently and your moods can become a big problem for your projects.

By joining Omvi, you will have the opportunity to develop these skills that will make you a more serene entrepreneur, for maximum efficiency and good humor in your days!

the only thing you will regret by joining us will be not having it
done earlier!

whatever you do, I wish you a pleasant day!

founder of Omvi, entrepreneurial well-being.

PS. : My idea is to interview entrepreneurs and ask them, among other things, what they do when a bad day hits them. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] to offer me some ideas for questions to ask as well as to register to be notified when this future content is published.