▷ Ban spelling mistakes with VERIFAUTE 2020 -

Spelling mistakes can easily slip into a post, and the poor blogger is then covered with comments not very complimentary og If in the context of a blog, the consequences are not very serious, a fault in a newsletter sent to its customers, in an advertising message or even in a CV can be more harmful. If you no longer want to doubt your writings, know that there is a service offering you to reread and correct them …

VERIFAUTE has kindly contacted me several times to tell me of some bad spelling mistakes that had crept in here.

Training & Co'm

VERIFAUTE is a completely human proofreading and correction service. Just send them your documents and you will receive them very quickly corrected for any errors, whether it be a professional document, a newsletter, a CV or even a tweet or SMS. With instant communications, faults can quickly taint messages. On this subject, the company launched a correction offer “SMS & Tweet”, answering you in less than 1/4 of an hour.

For people looking for work, flawless CV certification can also be very helpful. Sébastien allowed me to test the service on the file “5 steps to find a job using social networks” which you can read next week. The return was very quick.

If you want to test the service, VERIFAUTE offers you a 10% discount by specifying that you come from CWT Advertising & co’m, the normal price is € 1 per 100 words. The offer is valid until December 31, 2010 🙂

More info on the site, and you can also find them on Facebook.