▷ Become a 2.0 employee with the Links Consultants mobile application! 2020 -

New technologies and mobile applications allow every entrepreneur to do business anywhere. This professional nomadism offers many advantages, starting with a strong feeling of freedom. Links Consultants, pioneer company in wage portage, provides employees with a brand new mobile application to become a connected entrepreneur.


What is digital nomad?

The expression “digital nomad” has appeared in recent years in entrepreneurial circles. This term refers to the ability to be mobile in your work. Indeed, the criticism of an employee stationed in the closed offices of a company is growing stronger.

Digital nomadism establishes a close link between entrepreneurship and freedoms. These freedoms are plural: freedom to choose one’s missions, remuneration, working hours and place of work.

More and more entrepreneurs are therefore deciding to be “mobile” to make their missions more attractive. Mobility relates to two specific aspects:

  • The ability to change workplaces regularly. It is therefore a question of rather temporal mobility.
  • The ability to work from anywhere, including in a foreign country or another continent. We advise you to read our article on the cities of the world where to undertake. This is more spatial mobility.

This dual mobility rightly offers the feeling of mastering one’s professional career. In addition, travel, travel, mobility allow meetings and useful networking. Being mobile also allows access to all conferences related to your expertise.

How to become a mobile entrepreneur?

To become a mobile entrepreneur, or a digital nomad, it is essential to have quality internet access. However, this access is not sufficient if the information related to the activity is spread over several platforms.

Thus, it becomes essential to organize yourself so that you have access to all the elements on a single platform. Some salaried employees can benefit from a digital space for their activity. However, this functionality may be insufficient for mobile consultants. The choice of a mobile application, accessible everywhere and containing all the useful information and documents, seems essential.

The specifics of wage portage

The wage portage is a contractual relationship between a wage portage company and an expert consultant in a field. The portage company makes it possible to convert services into salaries for the portage consultants. Thus, a worn employee benefits from the protections of salaried workers while having support on administrative and legal tasks.

A salary portage consultant searches for his own clients himself. It then determines all the commercial conditions allowing the achievement of the mission. It should be noted that companies are requesting a consultant in wage portage. Indeed, this is a lower cost and much more flexible solution than recruiting an employee on a permanent contract.

Wage portage consultants set their own workplace. Indeed, the Collective Agreement of employees in portage states it, in article 23. Thus, consultants exercise their missions on several workplaces during their activity.These frequent changes require them to be equipped and connected.

The new Links Consultants app for iOS and Android

In order to help independent consultants in their activities, the wage portage company Links Consultants launches its new application available on iOS and Android. This application offers several essential features when working in wage portage:

  • A module allowing you to fill in your timesheets very quickly.
  • Follow-up to view the status of customer regulations and estimate their monthly salary.
  • The possibility of directly entering professional expenses, allowing an optimal calculation of remuneration.
  • Access to sensitive business documents such as pay slips, receipts and other accounting documents.

The Links Consultants application is made for you if you are, for example, in one of the following situations:

  • Regular trips to your customers.
  • A need to follow, instantly, the data of your activity.
  • A desire to remain free to choose your workplace.
  • An initial project to work from abroad.
  • The wish to consult your useful documents at any time of the day and in any place.

Useful information

Do you want to download the application? The Links Consultants application is available on Play store and App store. The application is available now to facilitate the organization of your work, day after day!

Article written in collaboration with Links Consultants.