▷ Become a brand's own media! 2020 -

When you’re a brand like Nike, it’s easy to build a fan community on Facebook and just do a quick search for Nike in groups to see the scrolling of all the pages created. or “Nike Women Europe, Nike football, Nike running, Nike Basketball etc…”…

The challenge for this brand is rather to get in touch with its addicts and find the means to use and use this notoriety lever to get out of communication via the fan pages. Two ideas and applications fished at random from the palette…

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Facebook, “Devote my status”

You are fans of a basketball team, go to the end of your devotion by offering your Facebook status to your team, and this sacrifice can allow you to win nike gifts (sneakers, etc.).
Nike launched its site to follow the tournament of the best basketball teams in the USA and thanks to the “Devote my Status” campaign, the internet user allows Nike to occupy its Facebook “status” to speak for them, at from matches played by his favorite team.

A good example of virality for this campaign where the person gives enough credit and enough confidence in the brand to let them speak for them and take control of their profile.

Iphone: Nike true city

This iPhone application was launched by the Nike Sportswear brand in January 2010 in Europe. A concept specially produced by “Nike Insiders” in the cities of Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam and Barcelona which mixes social networks with the principle of augmented reality. A great free method to discover your city in a different light and with the eyes of other fans of the brand.

To put it simply, the “Insiders” of the cities share information on the city (shopping, art, sport, music, bars and restaurants) supplemented of course by Nike news (new products, events, QR codes) acting like real opinion leaders.

All the tools available on smartphones to create a real community are brought together by Nike in this application: geo-localization, experience sharing, flow to facebook, with the added bonus that the most active users can join the circle of insiders. !