Since the digitization of businesses has become essential, the profession of web marketing advisor has continued to develop. While some web marketers choose to work internally on behalf of a company, assignments relating to this profession also allow you to work as a self-employed person. However, few of them dare to take the plunge because self-employment involves certain risks. Indeed, financial instability, the difficulty in finding reliable clients and the burden of administrative tasks hinder many in their desire to work as a freelance web marketing consultant.

However, it is possible to combine the advantages of a salaried position with the independence of a freelancer. To do this, you can choose wage portage. Discover in this guide all the interests of this status.

Webmarketing training

A status that allows you to benefit from more security

For a web marketing advisor, working in a wage portage allows you to benefit from many advantages, the most important of which is security. By working in wage portage, you receive a regular salary each month even if the service is not finished and the customer has not yet paid the bill. It’s about a real security for consultants as well as for corporate clients. It is the portage company that collects the amount of the services. It also takes care of administrative costs and pays social security contributions.

It is important to emphasize that the portage company writes the invoices on its own account. This secures you financially and allows you to work more efficiently. However, it should be noted that in the months when you do not have clients, you will not be paid. In this case, the sums set aside can be used to receive a salary, which implies that financial security is optimal in wage portage.

In addition, you benefit from a employment contract, opening rights for periods of unemployment. This is a considerable advantage over self-employed workers who only have access to it under very strict conditions. Being entitled to unemployment benefits in the event of hardship reassures employees on wage portage and allows them to better organize their lives.

Delegation of administrative and accounting tasks

The number of legal obligations can seem very long for a self-employed person who is starting a business. The various administrative procedures to create your own business, the calculation of social charges, VAT returns, the declaration of turnover, the payment of taxes are all tasks that interfere with your professional activity and your core business.

In general, you will be forced to use your weekends to attend to your obligations as a freelance web marketer. By choosing to work as a porting company, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of tasks since the porting company takes care of them. This saves you time for your business and allows you to focus only on the essentials. Your clients will also appreciate the fact that you are fully focused on your mission.

Benefit from the same advantages as an employee

A self-employed person can feel powerless in the event of a drop in turnover or problems related to his business. Wage portage, meanwhile, allows you to benefit from same advantages as those of an employee. You will benefit from paid leave, affiliation to the social security system and compensation in the event of breach of contract or unemployment. Just like an ordinary employee, you are entitled to 2.5 days of paid vacation per month.

Freedom of choice of workplace

An independent consultant who has chosen to work in wage portage has the possibility to decide where he wishes to work. Indeed, you can work in the offices of the portage company if you wish. You can also work on the premises of the client company, or from home. This flexibility allows the client company to organize itself as well as possible. The organization of the work will be done according to your agreement with your client.

In addition, the choice of daily schedules also belongs to the scope. You can thus exercise the profession of webmarketer in complete independence while benefiting from protections of an ordinary employee. It is up to you, in fact, to define the place, the days and the hours during which you will work.

Expert advice

If you are new to web marketing, choosing to work in wage portage allows you to facilitate your integration. You will benefit from advice from the portering company which will allow you to deepen your knowledge. The training provided through the portering company will increase your chances of finding clients.

SEO, client canvassing, outsourcing, website analysis, and online advertising are all skills that you might not necessarily have when you are just starting out. However, these are essential to excel as a web marketer. Opting for this working method allows you to acquire all the skills necessary to carry out your activity in the best conditions.

A very interesting status for seniors

Seniors can have great difficulty in obtaining an indefinite contract in a company. Companies may be reluctant to welcome, train and support an employee who will soon retire, despite professionalism and long experience of it.

Wage portage is a real solution for professionals who suffer from these obstacles to employment because of their age. Indeed, the most experienced consultants are generally seniors. This status provides real guarantees for access to retirement, which is why it attracts experienced consultants and experts in their field, including web marketing specialists. Client companies can thus benefit from the expertise of a seasoned professional without having to recruit a senior employee. It is a very flexible solution for businesses and secure for litters.