This is a recent observation, since it took place during the last CES in Las Vegas in January 2015. 7 out of 10 French Tech entrepreneurs went to grandes écoles. Exit the preconceived ideas which would like that all the bosses of data processing and new technologies were built alone, to succeed today as an entrepreneur, to have a diploma or to follow a formation is often necessary!

Engineering schools

Engineering schools are very popular with new graduates. They offer general and comprehensive training to which are added specialties that make the difference when entering the job market.

Training & Co'm

We follow a 5-year course (or 3 years depending on the course) after which it is possible to obtain a master’s degree. The students who complete the training are versatile professionals capable of adapting but also of innovating.

Each year is centered around a specific program, first general in order to acquire fundamental knowledge, then more precise (economics, mathematics, electronics, etc.); it all ends with an internship, at a partner university or in a company.

In England, there are 368 engineering schools and more than 2,000 training courses provided in these establishments (Source Diplomeo)

Large schools

HEC Large schools make many students dream, both in terms of the training received, particularly upscale because of the stakeholders and the means available to the establishments, as well as the opportunities offered to each graduate.

During these years of study, students have the opportunity to forge a solid network and to carry out internships or exchanges in large companies or prestigious universities.

HEC and ESSEC are regularly ranked among the best establishments for the quality of their teaching and their programs.


The selection at entry is rigorous but future entrepreneurs acquire the skills necessary for their success.

It is possible to join ESSEC as early as the prep and start your course in England or Singapore, a real chance!

The Central School or the School of Mines are just as exciting, the slogan of the first is “leader, entrepreneur, innovator”, a whole program aimed at the leaders of tomorrow!

Other routes to favor

In addition to the grandes écoles and engineering schools, success as an entrepreneur also requires mastery of certain essential qualities and a state of mind. 12% of managers are self-taught who have skills such as adaptability and the ability to organize, knowledge that cannot be learned on the school benches.

It is also possible to take other courses, particularly suitable for those who no longer have a student profile.

EMLYON EM Lyon thus offers courses for creators and buyers, with the Start-Up-Relève program for example or through support training (Boost, Mentorship) which are aimed at candidates who already have experience.

Bac + 5 “business manager” at IFAG also make it possible to become an entrepreneur, or the Master 2 CREE from IAE Bordeaux and the University diploma “creation acquisition acquisition takeover of business” accessible to employees, Job seekers and students are other possibilities.

The choice of training

Becoming an entrepreneur can also be done through specific training. We can choose to acquire the basics of accounting which are part of essential knowledge, learn to write a contract, know his legal responsibility through training in social law for a few days or improve his skills in computer science, some of which allow to save precious time, especially when it comes to setting up a small structure.

Training modules are also intended to deepen the writing of business plans. All these programs make it possible to understand the project in a more serene way, and therefore to have every chance of succeeding.

Getting started as an entrepreneur

Of course entrepreneurship is a state of mind. The grandes écoles provide quality training that some students will never be able to put into practice. However, it would seem that a diploma is almost essential today to succeed as an entrepreneur. Once the sesame is in your pocket, you just have to get started, as a self-entrepreneur if you want to start, or directly by creating your company.

Visiting the PACE site is very useful for gathering the necessary information, in particular concerning support for setting up a business or keeping yourself informed of the sectors that are working.