▷ Being on the front page of Google, a danger to your image! 2020 Guide -

A provocative title more than affirmative. Wanting to be on the front page of Google remains a laudable ambition for your success, even if it can also lead you to get lost. Wanting to bet everything on SEO and SEO, you can forget your originality along the way, and that can raise questions…

Optimizing your natural referencing requires quality content

You can adopt the marketing strategy of your choice, but your content production will always be the basis of your SEO. The SEO techniques change over time, but quality content attracts prospects and attracts search engines. It can be texts, videos, infographics … but the quality premium, offered by Google algorithms et al., still relevant.

Trainer training

To be convinced, it suffices to remember that Google, even before being a search engine, remains a business like any other, whose main objective is customer satisfaction, in this case Internet users looking for a response to their requests.

Also, by propelling quality content, Google takes care of its effectiveness (and at the same time your visibility). I’m not going to get into yet another debate over defining content quality, but I just want to warn you of the risks you take in always wanting to be on the front page of Google.

Being on the front page of Google, a risk for your brand image

I’m only interested here in web writing, which I’ve been working on for over 10 years now, but my words could be adapted to any other form of content. Wanting to be on the front page of Google is a legitimate ambition, and to achieve this, you will use all the tools available.

Tags (meta description, title …) containing the main keyword, chosen with care, an ordered and structured text (tags H1, H2, H3 …, reading aids, bold, italics …) and a lexical universe expertly studied.

For each of these tasks, you have ever more powerful tools to help you in your mission. But by dint of wanting to use everything to optimize your web copywriting, you risk losing not your soul but the meaning of the message you want to convey.

Originality, a differentiating criterion that will gain importance

Let me explain. Let’s say that I want to position myself on the request ” Be on the front page of Google (Personally, I’ll tell you it’s a mistake… 😊). I’m going to use a tool specifying the lexical universe of this notion to attract search engines. I then end up with a list of words, from which I will have to choose 20, 25 or 30. Only, my ambition, at the start, was to denounce recurring errors and to emphasize that an original approach was more conducive to reaching desired objective.

I didn’t want to talk about the ” local referencing “Or even” internal links “But because I want my article to be accessible by as many people as possible, I will have to include the notions of” nofollow links “, From” SEO techniques »… So many themes that I wanted to avoid in an article that I wanted above all original.

This is the danger of always wanting to optimize everything, since at the end of the race, my text will certainly be well optimized but will give pride of place to what has already been written, filmed and scanned in all forms. On the other hand, if I had written without any of these tools, but just following my reasoning, my article would have been relayed at 10 or 11th Google page a few days after its publication.

But if I were right by giving a premium not only to quality but to quality and originality, this same article would have been propelled to zero position or would have achieved its goal in the medium term: to be on the front page from Google.

This is how, if you want to do it too well, you follow fashion and trends, and that all the sites look the same…

And you, rather originality at all costs or SEO above all?