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Difficult to have original ideas on the goodies market. This is the observation of the startup Besight which has developed a platform that gives you ideas for original goodies.

The principle is simple: thanks to its search engine, Besight offers you the possibility of leaving with original goodies ideas and a firm commercial proposal in less than 10 minutes.

In addition, the platform integrates 2 other tools: one to make a custom design for your goodies and the other to involve whoever you want in the choice of goodie by a vote. Something to innovate in your object communication.

A smart search engine for goodie ideas

Original ideas in 5 minutes

The first of these innovative tools is the intelligent search engine for goodie ideas. It allows Besight to generate ideas for your event in less than 5 minutes.

Originally designed for the startup’s teams, it was by showing it to one of its clients that Besight decided to make it accessible free of charge to all of its clients.

Besight developed its platform based on user needs: quickly find good ideas for goodies. From this initial premise, various versions of its tool followed to finally arrive at this intelligent search engine.

The principle is simple:

  • you take 2 minutes on the phone with a team representative to describe your event;
  • you give it a few key words that describe the objective sought through the distribution of your goodie;
  • and the team instantly provides you with original proposals based on your keywords and practical criteria.

This tool responds to a need that anyone who has already made personalized advertising objects knows: to find an original product that is not “already seen” on the basis of a catalog of more than 30,000 references.

In this context, too much choice kills choice. No one needs to have 500 different t-shirt references. 2 or 3 well chosen references are very largely sufficient.

This is the policy of the startup which only refers to 100% eco-responsible products and for the majority French. His credo: to make only useful, beautiful and durable objects. Therefore, at Besight, you will not find usb sticks, anti stress balls or advertising gadgets.

Quality and ecological advertising objects

In fact, the entire Besight catalog corresponds particularly to the challenges of major accounts and their CSR policy. The social aspect is taken into account thanks to different labels (SA8000, FairWear Foundation, Etikeko, …). On the environmental side, in addition to the labels, Besight has approached other startups with a solidarity policy, carried out in partnership with associations. Finally, the materials chosen are organic (all custom textiles are organic cotton) or from recyclable industries (with recycled plastic for umbrellas for example).

Whether it is to find the end-of-year corporate gift, for personalized advertising items or for your derivative products, Besight will offer you classics (mug, personalized t-shirt, powerbank / battery backup, notepad, holder key, badge or pen) revisited in its own way.

On the other hand, the platform will provide you with more original products such as seed bombs, biodegradable paper sown to green urban spaces or even a beautiful card holder in recycled leather, perfect for giving a business gift.

In terms of personalization, the startup has a network of qualified partners for all marking techniques such as digital four-color printing, embroidery, screen printing, embossing, sublimation or laser engraving … The examples are very numerous.

The startup’s catalog is therefore perfect for improving your brand image because with Besight, you make sure to surprise your customers or employees with original objects.

A commercial proposal in 10 minutes

In addition to its original goodies idea generation tool, Besight provides you, at the end of your phone call with the team, with a personalized express quote incorporating a tailor-made description of the content of the service.

To simplify access to this document, Besight makes it available from a web link accessible on all media (desktop, tablet and mobile) using a personalized password. This proposal is generated in a format similar to that of a keynote presentation that you can show directly to your team.

This proposal includes:

  • a reminder of the general elements of your goodies creation project;
  • ideas for original goodies generated by the intelligent search engine;
  • the prices and times associated with these product ideas;
  • the point-by-point description of the content of the service.

In this way, Besight saves time for all communication / marketing managers or anyone responsible for the creation of promotional items. The startup has already seen a significant saving of time on the whole of its intervention, since it is around 35 hours.

Thanks to Besight, it is now possible to have good ideas for goodies and a price in less than 10 minutes.

A collaboration with Besight is therefore a great opportunity to find original gift ideas to please your customers or your employees with the approach of the holiday season.

Original goodies that please everyone

Besight doesn’t stop there. After several months of market analysis and R&D on its tools, the startup offers 2 additional modules which make it possible to ensure that the goodies produced will be truly original and will please everyone.

Collaborative design

Have you ever wondered what was the common point between a poster in the metro and a t-shirt?

They are both media!

This means that the goodies are under exploited. When you make goodies, you benefit from a golden advertising space which is very often filled only with a logo, without any message. Can you imagine an advertisement in the metro that would only contain a logo and no advertising message? So why do the same on advertising objects?

Besight, part of the observation that advertising objects are communication media, has set up a collaborative design platform which allows it to carry out the design of a tailor-made visual universe for your event.

Thanks to a network of 100 young French designers from the best schools, Besight offers 5 tailor-made designs made by 5 different young designers. In addition to the advantage over the number compared to a classic operation with an agency, you also benefit from 5 different visions on your project so as to find a perfect match to your universe and your event.

The creation of a tailor-made visual universe ensures the originality of the goodies. In addition, thanks to the Besight collaborative model, the 5 designs are available to you without additional costs compared to an agency.

Vote to make goodies appeal to as many people as possible

Last black point on the board: you have beautiful ideas and a custom design for your event. The problem is : will it please?

Besight found a simple but effective solution to this problem: voting.

Thanks to its voting module, Besight allows you to get rid of endless debates on color, shape or even the type of product chosen. You can vote for the choice of support or design to ensure you make goodies that will appeal to the majority.

To simplify this phase, Besight has produced a voting module compatible with all devices and accessible directly from a simple web page. Everything is responsive and GDPR compatible for the collection of email addresses. This module is a good way to engage your community in an original way.

original goodies

Finally, the platform gives you access to a dashboard updated in real time with all the statistics related to the competition to ensure effective communication.

And how much does that cost ?

The ad idea generation service is free and you will need a single phone call with the team to walk away with product ideas and prices.

For the rest, the prices range between € 1,500 and € 5,500 excluding tax depending on the tools used. Of course at that price, you have nothing to do and the team puts a sales representative at your disposal to meet all your needs.

For more information, visit the Besight website

Article written in collaboration with Besight